Album Review: Heavy Duty Box Company – Who Let In The Squealing Freak

Heavy Duty Box Company - Who Let In The Squealing Freak Artwork

Heavy Duty Box Company are a 4 piece indie/alternative/punk band from Auchterarder just outside Perth, Scotland made up of David Robinson on Guitars/Vocals, Lewis Beck on Guitars/Vocals, Calum Grant on Bass/Vocals and Steve Simpson on Drums. Today I’ll be reviewing their album ‘Who Let In The Squealing Freak’ which was originally released in back in 2008. 

‘Real Winds’ opens with a nice well based bassline, that merges with heavier guitars before bringing in some percussive and lastly the vocals. Each bit of the intro ‘introduces’ us to an aspect of the line-up to an awesome little rhythm before bringing them all together as one cohesive unit. A really swinging track with a whole lot of energy, and rises and falls. Truly a spectacular first track to their album. 

‘Coming from Somewhere’ changes up the rhythm and style a little, asserting its own unique flavour to the album, but it still has an energy to it that just kind of sweeps you along. This was released by the group back in 2008, so I can only imagine where they are at now, when they started off so strongly. 

‘Happy Pill In a Fish Trench’ slows things down a little to start off with, a build rather than a progression from a high, and it kinda maintains a slower melody as an undertone, even during the parts which have more energy, it’s another quirky and unique track that both works well as a whole but doesn’t necessarily sound too much like anything else on the album. 

‘My Reasons’ is a little darker and grittier, leading off with bass and percussion for a heavier initial track, and the lines are delivered in a clipped and fast paced way that’s indicative of good punky music. A very strong track that really got stuck in my head after first listening to it. 

‘Taming of the Lamb’ shakes things up again, a little lighter than the previous track and a whole lot faster, another head bobbing track that captures you and just kind of takes you along with it. I love songs like that, so I love this one. 

‘Idolic Law’ changes things again, a whole different style, deeper, more drawn out sounds, leads off with guitars and you really get a chance to vibe on the frankly awesome vocals in this track. It’s really close, but I think this one scoops my top track for the album, and it was really hard because there wasn’t a weak song in the bunch. 

‘Regents Decline’ is smoother and softer, more melodic with a lighter guitar leading us through the intro, it is both a strong track on it’s own and a nice cool down after a more energetic track like the previous entry on the album. Personally I like it when a band not only puts out an awesome album, but also manages to really work at the order so that it compliments the songs before and after it. 

‘Winter Sun’ another lighter track, but more melancholic, very fitting for a song called winter sun. The vocals have a regretful, mournful quality, but aren’t exactly slow like you’d expect, and it’s impressive that the vocalists can deliver such an emotional response, so clearly without drawing it out, or slowing it down. 

‘Utility Lenny’ has a more ambient and atmospheric, opening, light percussion over a resonate guitar backing, that just mellows you out, definitely number 2 on my list of favourites for this album. 

‘Eight Legged Tap Dancer / On How to Find God’ is a grittier track, a lot of real noise, and blaring guitars, it sounds rough and harder and you get that from the get go, and it’s really reinforced by the style of the vocals which match up perfectly. A good closer to a great album. I can’t wait to hear more from the group. 

So that’s what I thought of Heavy Duty Box Company’s album ‘Who Let In The Squealing Freak’ which you can check out on Spotify. While you’re at it make sure and support the band by following them on Facebook and Twitter.


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