Owl Magic – The Ayrshire Owl and Raptor Centre

Owl Magic - The Owl and Raptor Centre

I’ve been aware of Owl Magic for several years now, and I’ve always thought they were awesome, so I thought it was about time I wrote a little piece to let people know a little more about them. As you can probably guess from the name, they deal with birds, more specifically Owls and Raptors, in fact their site says that they have over 70 birds at their centre.

Owl Magic is based in Ayrshire and is available as a piece of educational entertainment at a variety of events across Scotland, it gives the general public a chance to get up close and personal with these amazing birds of prey. You can literally hire them for anything from school visits to fun days and they are a spectacle that always draws a crowd.

They aren’t just sheer entertainment, although between the flying displays, and the various packages I’ll talk about below they certainly manage to entertain. They also educate. With a variety of educational visits which can be tailored to the age group involved, but regardless of the age group they provide a concise, interactive experience designed to reinforce knowledge and give a well rounded experience to all who attend.


Owl Magic Wedding Packages

If that wasn’t enough they also offer a variety of wedding packages, one of which I’m planning on taking advantage of for my own upcoming nuptials, and I strongly suggest you do to, because if it’s going to be the happiest day of your life why not bring that little something extra to it by inviting along some feathered friends. I also feel that especially if it’s a big family wedding having the Owl Magic crew come along provides entertainment at a great value that can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike. The wedding packages come in three tiers, the
Silver package has one of those owls bring the rings to you, and they’ll even stick around for an hour to take pictures with the wedding party. If you want the birds to stick around and entertain the guests with static displays then the Gold package might better for you, and if you want both then grab yourself the Platinum package, and get yourself some of that plumey goodness. If that sounds good then you can get in touch with them directly at info@owl-magic.com for rates and/or to make a booking, with prices for the wedding packages starting at a super reasonable £200.

Owls from Owl Magic

Let’s say you aren’t getting married and you don’t want to go to an event just to experience the majestic birds on display at Owl Magic, they also offer a variety of Personal experiences which allow you to interact with the Owls and Raptors one on one, or in small groups, and even get a chance to learn about the Owls in their collection, and more about them in the wild. They even have tailored experiences for children and adults so as to maximise your enjoyment. Most of these packages let you get a picture with the birds in questions and handle several birds as well, with prices ranging from £25 – £140 depending upon which package to choose and your age, but each one I can guarantee is well worth the money and will be an experience you won’t soon forget. You can find out more about the personal packages and pick the one that’s best for you by following this link, once you have make sure and reach out via their email or contact number, both readily available on the site. 

They don’t just have packages and events you can also help support them by purchasing some cool merchandise, such as handmade glass charms, a handmade owl dreamcatcher or owl feather pens as well as plenty of other unique items. If you want to grab any of those items then make sure to catch them at one of their events.

If you want to find out more about Owl Magic and all the things that they offer then check out their site or visit them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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