EP Review: The Party Slogan –  Reasonably Good Indie Music

The Party Slogan - Reasonably Good Indie Music

The Party Slogan are five piece indie/Alternative Rock/Post Punk outfit from Edinburgh made up of Calum on Vocals/Guitar/Keyboard/Percussion, Jamie on Vocals/Guitar, Robbie on Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals, Adrian on Bass/Keyboards and Ally on Drums. If you want to find out a little bit more about them then check out this Interview I did with them a few weeks ago. Anyway, today I’ll be reviewing the latest release, an EP called ‘Reasonably Good Indie Music’ which, and I do hate spoilers, is a bit of an understatement, because this EP was fantastic. 

‘Days Between’ opens up strong with a nice, well blended intro, showing off everything they’ve got to offer upfront, a lot of energy and a lot of rhythm and it has this nice rough feel to it, very organic, very real and I imagine a lot like what you’d get if you heard them live. I had this on repeat for a few days while I was rebuilding this site, so hopefully some of that effortless quality will have rubbed off on Off the Record as well. 

‘Summer Lies’ has a fast paced percussive opening, that merges with a low, bassline and builds slowly but surely, adding in a semi discordant but awesome blaring guitar, all of the sounds just coming together in pieces to make something great, juxtaposing with the first track where everything came together off the bat. It’s nearly unnoticeable but this is just a little slower paced than the previous track, which is nice, even small changes can shake up things, especially when it’s an EP where you don’t have as many chances to impress as an album, but so far I am far from disappointed with these tracks. 

‘Fires on the Beach’ changes things up, instantly this doesn’t sound a whole lot like the last two entries but still manages to meet the high standards I’ve already come to expect from the band, this track is more mellow, more melodic and gives them a chance to shine vocally whereas before it was their instrumentals that really impressed me. 

‘Drive Me’ opens fast, with a nice drum beat shuffling up into a song that is definitely my favourite on the track, the right balance of energy, and vocals and rhythm that make for a superb track, something that just sticks in your head, and if I could just recommend one track on this whopper of an EP then it would be this. 

So that’s what I thought of The Party Slogan’s EP ‘Reasonably Good Indie Music’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to Spotify.

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