Album Review: Aries Field – Path for Redemption

Aries Field Album 'Path for Redemption' Cover Art

Aries Field is a one-man hard/alternative rock band, originally from Italy but now based elsewhere. Aries Field was originally a three a three man group, made up of Fabio Stroppa, Francesco barnabó, and Davide Valentini but after developing their first full length album they split up. However Fabio Stroppa kept Aries Field alive, and is now the main writer, musician and producer for the band. Anyway, today I’ll be reviewing ‘Path for Redemption’ which Aries Field released on July 20th 2018.

‘War’ opens with a deep, building bassy note, that merges into some well paced percussion, both of which evoke a powerful sense of foreboding. The song is well paced, but a little brief, nonetheless it really starts the album off well. 

‘Outburst’ instantly has more energy than the track, but the melancholic vocals, work to temper that and give things a very unique sound. That being said, the guitar sections are quite powerful and add a nice counterpoint to the overall track. I mentioned the vocals, and I have to say I really like the vocalists voice, he has a nice sound but I also like the way he sings, subdued but very expressive, and his voice works perfectly with the music. 

‘Same Old Story’ slows things down a little, with a melodic guitar intro, that merges with a tight little percussive beat as the song builds in energy. I’ll admit I had the rhythm of this track stuck in my head for a good few days after hearing it. I especially like that after a slow build up, it kicks things up a little bit, harder guitars that balance well with the softer ones of early in the track, and we get to hear a different side to the vocalist as well. 

‘Fallout’ opens with a slow, bright chime that sort of builds in the background, it’s really soothing and atmospheric, and you kind of get lost in the drawn out melody even as it changes around you. This is a great song to just kind of listen to and not think, a strong instrumental track. 

‘Where the Railway Ends’ is a little jarring after the previous track but welcome, it has a lot more edge to it, I could easily see it being used for a fight scene or a training montage in a TV show or movie, it just has that drive to it that would have it work well with activity. That aside it’s just a really good song, easily one of the best on the album, well rounded, well blended instrumentals and strong, clear and passionate vocals. 

‘The Remembrance’ makes it clear that a lot of thought went into the composition of the album as a whole, each track rises or falls, is slow or fast depending upon what preceded it, so the last song was a little heavier and a little faster, this one slows things down, is a little smoother and more melodic. I really like that, it works because it means no song sounds to alike, especially one right after the other. 

‘Gray’ is another song like ‘Fallout’ that you could easily get lost in, it’s not too slow, or without something to keep your attention but it’s just a nice, relaxed, ambient sound that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was another that just kind of stuck in my head after hearing it. 

‘Region of Singularity’ opens with a really tight guitar section, that reminded me a little of Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin which means I instantly liked this track just for the association. Anyway, this track has a really nice build that comes in after the 1 minute mark and adds a lot to the track, even as it fades a little you still kind of just get swept along with the track. 

‘Black Herd’ is a little darker, with some reverb and discordant sounds that bring back the same feelings of foreboding as the first track, the vocals bring it back up again, making it more melancholic and then going even further adding more fire and edge until not even midway through the track it sounds like a completely different song. I liked how it kept dipping between the slower and harder sections, it keeps your attention and makes this a standout track on the album. 

‘Peafowl’ starts off with vocals, which is a little different from the past few tracks, but it’s a good change, I’ve already covered that I’ve been impressed with the vocals before but I thoroughly enjoyed them in this track, they just had a little something extra, and blend well with the instrumental component of the track, in fact all in all this might be my favourite track on the album. 

‘Forgive Us’ opens with some delicate keys that build in intensity, even as percussion is added into the mix. I said that ‘Peafowl’ was my favourite but this was a close second, it’s just the right mix of everything and it didn’t remind me too much of anything, it was simple, fresh and powerful and I probably listened to it a dozen times or so in just the week I got the album for review.  

‘Nothing but Sand’ explodes forward, a lot of energy, and blaring, jumping guitars, that cuts off quickly, leaving you wanting more in a bloody perfect interlude track. 

‘Last Seven Days’ is another high energy track, it hammers forward with an epic mix of guitars and drums that just shake you and make you pay attention. I usually only mention my favourite track and that’s it, I don’t grade each track, but this is definitely in my top three for tracks on this album, which is saying something as it’s an album jam packed with an awesome mix of tunes. 

‘Waiting for the Wind’ closes off ‘Path for Redemption’ superbly, with a 7:31 minute track, which managed to avoid feeling too drawn out, again you just get lost in the sheer talent and technical proficiency of Aries Field. 

So that’s what I thought of Aries Field’s Album ‘Path for Redemption’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to Spotify. Make sure and show support for Aries Field by following them on Facebook and Instagram.


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