Band Interview: Dogtooth

Dogtooth Band Photo

Tell me about yourselves? How did you all meet? Where are you all from?
John is from Kilbirnie, Craig is from Larkhall, and Robert is from Linwood. John and Craig met at Millport Scooter rally August 2013, they met Robert at a rehearsal studio in Paisley in April 2014.

What are your names and what position do you have in the band?
Robert Lang on drums and backing vocals, John Hewitson on guitar and lead vocals and Craig Morrison on bass guitar.

What if anything does your band name mean/Why are you called that?
Dogtooth comes from the fabric design on some Mod clothing (dogtooth pattern) as we were heavily influenced by the mod/scooter scene when we formed the band.

Describe your music to someone who has never heard you before?

What song(s) do you remember most from your childhood?
Mostly songs by The Jam, SLF, The Clash, also Oasis and The Stone Roses.

Do you have a process for writing your songs?
One of us will bring an idea in then we all work on it, or it might just happen out of nothing in the studio.

Have you released any music yet, and if so how has it been received?
We have a lot of songs on iTunes and Spotify, and it has went well, our debut six track EP ‘Breakthrough’ is available in all UK HMV stores.

Are you planning any music releases for the near future?
We have just released our latest single (Trying to Save You) and hope to release another very soon.

If you have released music, where can fans to be find it?
ITunes, Spotify, Soundcloud…all the streaming sites.

Where have you performed? What are your favourite and least favourite venues?
All over the UK, and also played a few gigs in Ireland, favourite venue is The Glasgow Barrowland, not played in too many bad ones.

Do you have any gigs in the near future, and if so where and when?
We’re gigging all the time, you can find the most comprehensive listing on our Facebook events page. In April we’ll be in Glasgow, Guilford and Dumfries. May sees Darwen, Glasgow and Perth as well as the Cavern Club in Liverpool and June/July we have Kilmarnock, East Kilbride and Butefest in Rothesay.

How do you balance your music with other obligations?
The band comes first so we try to work everything else around that when possible.

Following on from that question, what has been your biggest challenge as a band and have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so then how?
Breaking into the Glasgow/Edinburgh scene has been tough since we started playing all our own material…but it is a challenge we’ve welcomed and hopefully we are doing okay.

And let’s end with something a little different…Which famous person, living or dead, would you have dinner with and why?
Robert would like to have dinner with Paul McCartney, John’s preferred guest would be Noel Fielding…no comment from Craig on that one!

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