Single Review: The Blue Herons – All I Keep Inside (ft. Thierry Haliniak)

The Blue Herons single 'All I Keep Inside ft. Thierry Haliniak' Artwork

The Blue Herons is an 80’s/90’s Rock based musical project from Andy Jossi, who’s also the main man behind The Churchhill Garden, I’ve reviewed music he’s released under that name before, which you can check out here. But today I’ll be reviewing a new track from The Blue Herons called ‘All I Keep Inside ft. Thierry Haliniak’, so check that out below.

‘All I Keep Inside ft. Thierry Haliniak’ has upbeat guitars flank us as the track starts, the vocals are strong and harmonious, the track keeps rising as it progresses, building slowly in energy and complexity. You almost don’t notice it because it starts off already fairly fast, but it has thing dynamic energy about it, it’s not a song for sitting about, it’s a song for moving and a song for feeling. And you do feel, you get swept away by the energy and the honest emotion of the track.

So that’s what I thought of ‘All I Keep Inside ft. Thierry Haliniak’ from The Blue Herons and if you want to check that out then head on over to Bandcamp. And make sure and support The Blue Herons by following them on Facebook.


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