Album Review: Grader – Another Fresh Tragedy

Grader album 'Another Fresh Tragedy' Artwork

Grader are a five piece Alternative/hard rock band from Moultrie, GA made up of Justin Hill on Vocals, Jeremy Hill on Guitar, Scott Turner on Bass, Heath Dorminey on Keys and Mark Brackin on Drums.

‘Reaching Out’ opens with a resonating guitar riff that breaks into powerful vocals, this song is well paced and not too fast, allowing you to get caught up easier in it. It’s  an ideal opener for an album, because it eases you in but still packs a punch.

‘Wreck Me’ also doesn’t rush towards anything, which is quite refreshing, it allows you to truly admire the skill and the individual aspects of the track, there’s this great bit that comes in about the 2 minute mark, where it slowly just builds and expands until it arrives back at the kind of baseline of the track. It works really well.

‘No Vacancy’ this track takes things up a little bit, it’s that bit harder and fiercer than the previous two tracks, and it just kind of explodes forward, passion and intensity woven throughout it. I highly recommend this track especially.

‘Old Medicines’ has hard opening guitars that rattle you through an intro, and lead into some powerful and emotionally charged vocals. I think this one might claim my top spot for this album, but so far I have not been disappointed by this album.

‘Hostage Denial’ is a little faster, but the vocals are slower and more reverberous initially at least, creating a nice little counterbalance. Something I noticed but didn’t mention in previous tracks is that there’s hardly a spare note, in these tracks, no pauses or anything like that, but it also doesn’t feel overly busy either, it’s this perfectly balanced composition that works throughout the track.

‘Interpretation’ a strong vocal opening, that is matched by a tremendous guitar section, again I like how well these tracks are put together, you can pick up each element on it’s own but they aren’t disparate or confused, they just blend seamlessly together.

‘Critique This’ describes exactly what I’m doing so I like this track already, but joking aside it has a nice percussive intro that leads into guitars and some more high-calibre vocals, which sounds a little different from the entries on previous entries to this album, showing multiple sides to Grader’s musical talent.

‘Deader’ finishes up the album, and does so well, slower than most of the other entries and another vocal shift that speaks strongly to the vocalists capabilities. But while the tempo is slower it loses none of the edge or intensity displayed throughout the previous tracks.

So that’s what I thought of Grader’s new album ‘Another Fresh Tragedy’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to YouTube. You can support the band by following them on Facebook and Twitter.


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