Band Interview: The Soapgirls

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Tell me about yourselves? How did you all meet? Where are you all from?
Hi we’re Camille and Noemie otherwise known as Mille and Mie we were born in Paris but grew up in Cape Town South Africa, we are The Soapgirls a band consisting of two sisters who’s origins started at age 8 and 9 when we street performed in South Africa selling soaps and singing to people in aid of charity.

What are your names and what position do you have in the band?
Camille(Mille) on bass and vocals and Noemie(Mie) on guitar and vocals.

What if anything does your band name mean/Why are you called that?
We started out street performing at ages 8 and 9 selling homemade soaps, we’d sing to people from all over the world it definitely helped us grow thick skins as even though we were doing it for an amazing cause people would give us such a hard time and we learnt at a very young age to never let other people’s misconceptions of you define you or what you do and to carry on even when things are tough.

Describe your music to someone who has never heard you before?
In your face raw and melodic from the heart every song has a real experience behind it ,it’s very personal and people relate to it.

What song(s) do you remember most from your childhood?
Billy Idol’s white wedding basically the whole wedding singer movies soundtrack.

Do you have a process for writing your songs?
There’s no fixed formula or process for us the songs are born through every experience so as something happens in our lives a song is born.

Have you released any music yet, and if so how has it been received?
Yes we have a lot of albums the last two having been released independently calls for rebellion and society’s rejects as well as a few singles , our music has been well received and are about to head out on our 5th international tour.

Are you planning any music releases for the near future?
Yes we’re going to release our third independent album later this year it’s called Charlie Brown.

If you have released music, where can fans to be find it?
On spotify and all digital platforms they can also order through our merch page  or download off bandcamp.

Do you have social media for the band and if so please provide links?

Where have you performed? What are your favourite and least favourite venues?
We’ve been lucky enough to have performed in Europe and the UK at amazing venues and festivals Camden Rocks Festival is always a big highlight for us ,it’s always chaos on tour but we love it and there’s no venue that comes to mind when thinking of the worst venue we play so many venues so the great really does outweigh any dodgy experiences but even the dodgy venues have a role in the storytelling of our journey☺

Do you have any gigs in the near future, and if so where and when?
We do we are currently booking our “Sniff my strap tour 2019” we haven’t uploaded the dates yet but best is to follow the page we usually do about 120 shows per tour through UK/Europe and this year if we come right with visas we should be in the USA too and Japan.

How do you balance your music with other obligations?
Touring and music is all we do and have and is our life so that’s all we focus on.

Following on from that question, what has been your biggest challenge as a band and have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so then how?
The biggest challenge we face is always the unknown and being a DIY band means sometimes we really have to scratch to be able to record etc Also its really hard when booking tours as you have to take a leap of faith that the people you deal with are not bullshitters and its hard like we are supposed to be touring USA however we are still waiting for definite answers as per the actual tour and the visas this makes it very stressful as you set aside a time period for this and turn down festivals and venues you would want to perform if they fall within the period of when you supposed to be in another country in that same period.

And let’s end with something a little different…Which famous person, living or dead, would you have dinner with and why?
CamilleMichael Jackson to me he seemed like such a gentle soul with a great sense of humor he’s an absolute idol to me.
NoemieJohn Lydon he’s such an honest and frank person I think it would be refreshing to have a conversation with him on any and every subject.


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