Single Review: Bear Shoe – Virtual Hugs

Bear Shoe are a four piece Guildford based alternative punk/indie group made up of Matt Thienpont on Guitar/Vocals, Ivan Vasilyev on Guitar/Vocals, Elkan Lau on Bass and Ben Waites on Drums. Today I’ll be reviewing their new single ‘Virtual Hugs’.

‘Virtual Hugs’ opens with smooth acoustic guitars, that leads into some tender vocals that have you just kind of bobbing along. The track isn’t so tempered all the way through, it picks up in energy after around 1 minute 15 seconds in, and just gives the track an extra little kick. The feedback and little instrumental peaks towards the end add to the track as well, they give it this really raw, honest feeling, like this band isn’t over produced they are just making music and I can certainly get behind it. Overall i really enjoyed this track and I’m glad I got a chance to hear this group.

So that’s what I thought of Bear Shoe’s single ‘Virtual Hugs’ and you can check that out on Spotify. And make sure and support the band by following them on Facebook and Twitter.


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