Album Review: Baby Bones – The Curse of the Crystal Teeth

Baby Bones album 'The Curse of the Crystal Teeth' Artwork

Baby Bones are a Louisville, Kentucky based three piece punk rock/metal band made up of Dave Rucinski on Guitar/Vocals, Thomas Burgos on Guitar/Vocals/Bass and Badnewz Brandum on Drums.

‘Bought The Farm’ has a hard, fast paced percussive intro backed up by powerful blaring guitars, that just shake you up and don’t stop,  it’s a frenzied, energetic track, that fuses the vocals in subtly at first in an almost eerie way but it works so well. This track alone would convince me to purchase the album.

‘Pay Us In Dimes’ is also very energetic and fast paced, but it a little heavier on the guitars than the drums this time around. The vocals still work throughout the song as an almost undertone, it’s not screaming and shouting, it’s just this synchronised chanting voice almost that just works so well within the context of the song. I love the dark, gritty vibe of the track, and how it’s so much happening, even as one thing let’s up another rises or falls, it’s just this perfectly balanced chaos that’s just epic.

‘We’re Done Talking’ is a nice blend of bass, guitar and drums, no one taking particular focus, and that’s when Baby Bones change up the vocals a little, a powerful screaming filled with the right intensity, and as a counterpoint they also use the same chanting thing from the previous tracks. This track really hits hard, even though they are used sparingly I had the vocal sections stuck in my head.

‘Bottom Breather’ feels just a bit slower than the previous tracks, but it by no means loses any of the drive and intensity of the previous tracks, it instead just takes time to delve deep…to the bottom…haha get it? Okay crap joke time over. Anyway it takes time to delve deep and really show us the raw technical skill the band are capable of, because I was wowed by this track.

‘On The Take’ comes out fast and hard again, with all the blaring energy they can muster, their voice aching after a powerfully delivered vocal section, woven through a powerful guitar and bass heavy main part. This track just hammers against you, like that scene in Scott Pilgrim vs The World with the  Battle of the Bands, it’s like I feel the music just battering me, and I love it.

‘Slick Shoes’ is the closer to a top notch EP and it’s a little different from what came before it, just making you take that extra bit of nice as they close things out, for a start it isn’t as heavy as the previous track, going against the kind of ingrained idea that things just keep building. It’s by no means slow however. And also the majority of the vocals are different, making me think of a kind of rap/rock fusion more than anything else, but it really works for the track. And the soundbite at the end was particularly jarring, making sure you’ll remember this track and the whole EP.

So that’s what I thought of Baby Bones album ‘The Curse of the Crystal Teeth’ which you can check out on Bandcamp. And you can support the band by following them on Facebook or visiting their website.


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