Bravehound: Helping Veterans through hard times

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So at Off the Record we are always willing to support an underdog, in this case we are supporting an actual dog…or dogs. And the proud former service members and their families who need them.

With that in mind today I want to talk about BRAVEHOUND, a charity which supports veterans by providing them with a companion dog. Now this can greatly enrich the lives of both owner and dog. BRAVEHOUND don’t just provide the animals but provide structured support and training so that the pair are suited to one another and learn together. And that support is ongoing, BRAVEHOUND will even help with pet insurance, feeding and equipment. So if you think this is a valuable service and its the only one like it in Scotland I might add then perhaps you’ll consider donating by clicking here so that they can continue to do great work. You can even sponsor a dog and help to support the pooch and its new veteran owner directly by clicking here. If you just want to find out more about BRAVEHOUND first then feel free to click here.

If you aren’t able to commit financially but still want to show your support then go ahead and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and also vote for them in the Soldiering On Awards where they can gain more recognition for their efforts, you can do that by clicking here.


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