Album Review: Andrew Patterson – Out of Babylon

Andrew Patterson - Out of Babylon Artwork

Andrew Patterson is singer-songwriter from Belfast, I’ve previously reviewed his single ‘Something in December’ which you can check out here. Today I’ll be reviewing his latest EP ‘Out of Babylon’ which you’ll be able to get your hands on soon.

‘Broadway Lights’ opens with a light atmospheric trill, acoustic guitars and Patterson’s melodious voice. It’s but builds and it certainly grabs your attention. In fact I listened to it a good few times just experiencing the song. Now I’ve already spoken before in a previous review about Andrew Patterson’s music, but it was this song that clinched it for me that he’s an artist I need to look out for because I was honestly just swept away by this simple and yet deceptively unsimple track.

‘Alright This Time’ is a little more upbeat, it has a swinging energy to it, but it’s as captivating as the previous entry on this EP. I especially liked the guitar sections which just made me so happy, and especially since the track’s message is meant to be uplifting, about overcoming problems and just being good. It’s a powerful message wrapped up in a lovely melody.

‘My Suitcase Heart’ has a nice percussive build up that works really well with Patterson’s vocals, it’s one of those tracks that kind of straddles the line, the melody isn’t as slow as you’d expect but it’s not filled with energy, it’s just a well paced song that takes you on a journey with it.

‘Miracle’ is a little more packed, the other songs used a little more space, or rather it used long notes and sweeping melody, this one is more busy but it works well and certainly shows another side to Patterson’s music.

‘A Wee Bit Of Something’ is a nice track to close out on, it’s not quite my favourite track that goes to ‘Broadway Lights’ but it’s certainly a close second, and I’ve been singing bits and pieces of it for the last week so it’s certainly catchy and memorable. It’s a strong entry to a brilliant EP and if you take a chance on anything today make sure it’s EP.

So that’s what I thought of Andrew Patterson’s new EP ‘Out of Babylon’ and you can check that out on Bandcamp when it’s released on Friday 25th January 2019. In the meantime you can support the artist by following him on Facebook and Twitter.


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