Album Review: Alexis Gerred – ALEXIS (The Debut Album)

ALEXIS - The Debut Album Artwork

Alexis Gerred is a singer-songwriter from Kent, he performs in the pop/rock genre and today I’ll be reviewing his new album ‘ALEXIS – The Debut Album’ which you can check out below.

‘Sweet Angel’ opens with an atmospheric thrum followed by a quick flurry of activity that builds towards introducing Alexis Gerred’s beautiful and powerful voice. As opening tracks go this is a very strong entry, it’s slow enough to ease you in but it has a lot of energy and passion and you wouldn’t forget it in a hurry, and it builds with just the right tempo, perfectly reflecting the vocals.

‘Face The Crowd’ is a little quirkier, a nice rising and falling that breaks into a thrumming guitar rhythm, that again works perfectly with Gerred’s transcendent vocals. This is already a strong contender for my personal favourite track on the album, but I have a feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg and it gets better from here. Another thing is that it doesn’t push you anywhere, so songs only work if you’re in a certain mood or doing a certain thing, this one has it’s only feelings and energy but let’s you make up your mind on your own. I mean you could be listening to it in a club and going crazy or have it on while you’re doing housework, I’ll let you decide which one I happened to being doing at the time.

‘Hold You Close’ is a little slower, soft guitars just building throughout the track, it’s a nice counterbalance after the previous track which was a little more charged. And it lets us hear a more melodic side to Gerred’s voice, and not just that but it’s hear you get more of a chance to hear and be impressed by the songwriting quality, which is on top form here as well.

‘Rule The World feat. Danielle Steers’ builds really well, using growing percussion to draw us in, this track has another vocalist, and Gerred and Danielle Steers balance each other out really well, in fact I really enjoyed Steers contributions to the track, she managed to bring a lot and left me wanting to hear more from her. The vocals aside, this track hit fast and closed out well.

‘Save Me’ slows things down again, showing that Gerred really understands balance in his music, and while slow, it doesn’t pull any punches, I said up top that ‘Face the Crowd’ was in the running for my personal favourite track on the album, but ‘Save Me’ blows it out of the water. If I had to pick exactly why, I’d say that the vocals went from good to great for this track, showing us the true depth of quality to his voice, mixed with a strong melody.

‘Don’t Let It Go’ turns up the heat again, more energy, more fire and it just let’s go, this is one of those songs that you just kind of get swept up in and once you listen to it you’ll see why. I said a lot of nice things about the previous track, and they hold true, but I honestly keep being surprised and impressed by each subsequent track on this debut album.

‘Home feat. Liv Austen’ is a track that cements the idea firmly that this album is one of rises and falls,  highs and lows, it uses opposing tracks well to build up something unique, where each track sounds different, and while they work well together, they never meld into one another, you always know what you are listening to. As with the last track where he had a second vocalist, the singing in this track is particularly notable, again he’s managed to find a voice that works well with his own and brings something to the track beyond just another voice.

‘Road To Redemption’ I love the little vocal extras in this one, they add a lot to the song even though it could work equally well without them. I especially liked the hook for this track, it’s one of those ones that just gets stuck in your head.

‘The Lucky Ones’ opens with a slow piano melody that stretches out in front of us, and supports Gerred as he delivers some of the strongest and haunting vocals of the entire album.

‘No Ordinary Girl’ is the last track on the album, and it doesn’t disappoint, it’s lively and after a slower, more emotional song, this one gives us a nice upbeat ending. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this entire, well balanced, well produced album and I look forward to hearing more from the artist.

So that’s what I thought about Alexis Gerred’s new album ‘ALEXIS – The Debut Album’ and if you want to check that out then follow him on Facebook and Twitter and keep an eye out for the official release.


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