Interview with Abner Jackson III (AJ3Report)

Abner Jackson III Photo

First off, tell me about yourself?
I’m from Sanford, Florida and a proud graduate of the University of Central Florida.  I moved to Atlanta, Georgia area seven years ago. I like travelling, eating at different restaurants, going to Broadway plays, attending sporting and media events. Of course, I like writing and thank you so much for this opportunity.

Tell me more about your site? Why did you start it? What exactly is it you do? And how long has it been running?
My website is about entertainment, sports, food, models, fashion/sneakers and different businesses.  I interviewed a guy I had with magazine I was writing for and he wanted a video interview. They couldn’t interview him and I had been wanting to start my own website eventually.  Thank you Xander for that opportunity and it was in God’s plan at that time to start it. I started my website the end of March of last year, it’s not quite a year old yet.

Do you run the site by yourself? And are you looking for/would you be willing to bring on contributors?
Yes, I do everything on my own regarding my website.  I have friends that have attended media for me. I like to give different people an opportunity to experience attending an event as media.  Some events have been back home in Orlando and some in Miami. I have been approached about help and approached people about helping me. My administrative assistant was helping me, but I haven’t used or asked her for help in a while.  Once I build my site up, I’ll bring in help, don’t want no one else taking credit for my success. Shoutout to Kim and Cornelius for doing media for me when I needed you all.

What challenges have you faced as an site owner and how have you dealt with them?
Website traffic and using hashtags.  I get Facebook and Instagram visitors all the time, my WordPress site is hard.  I can’t figure out what hashtags to use to save my life. I even have a hashtag app I use, and it’s hit or miss.  I’m still learning WordPress and what layouts to use.

How do you make your site stand out?
I try to spotlight up and coming people that’s making a name for themselves along with celebrities and others.  I do a Working Woman Wednesday and Shout Out Sunday section where I mostly interview people in those series. My Abners Angels section interviewing models.  Instagram has become a free for all peep show with leaving little to the imagination. I give people the opportunity to learn about pretty up and coming models throughout the world that’s all ethnic backgrounds.  My Abners Good Eats highlights good restaurants that I been to and I show three pictures of items off that restaurant menu.

Do you have social media for your site, and if so feel free to provide links?

Do you have an active audience on your site and if so how do you maintain it?
My Instagram followed by Facebook, then my website.  I post five times a week on Facebook and Instagram. I don’t post the Model Spotlight and Abners Good Eats on my website.  I post all my media events I attend on social media instead of my website. I post quite often to keep my followers engaged with my content and hopefully they stay supporting me.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own website and/or make their own content?
Go for anything you want in life and put your mind to it.  It is time consuming and cost money to run the business. It has taken a lot of my free time away.  Any success, I know besides my media help came through me and any big interview. My AA degree is in Journalism and I written for different magazines.  I had more than enough experience when I started my website. I would say gain experience as a freelancer if you can, then start your own website. I recommend having some form of experience, that’s just my opinion.  Nothing wrong with being independent and having your own company. You call all the shots.

What has been your proudest moment and/or biggest accomplishment so far?
Being able to do media at four events during Super Bowl Weekend here in Atlanta and my interview with 8 Ball & MJG.

What are some of the disadvantages of the business you are in and how do you beat them?
So many different websites/blogs to compete against.  When applying for media not having enough traffic/visitors or followers to attend.  Fake followers (hair pages) and people follow you only to unfollow you right away. I just stay in my lane and be different.  Attending media events, I can and making a good impression, to be able to cover more events with them.

Do you have any interesting and/or funny stories you’d like to share?
Funny is when no name models want money for interviews. One had around 35k followers and wanted $50.00 to do interview, I didn’t respond.  I had to tell four or five models, celebrities don’t get paid for interviews. None of the magazines I written for paid anyone for interviews.  Most of the models are cool, but they are the worst clients to deal with. Interesting is I can DM a lot of celebrities and get a response back from them.  Pretty cool I get to talk to them and have some of their phone numbers.


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