Author Interview: John Ulrich

John Ulrich Author Photo

So First off, tell me about yourself?
My first interest was music. I found I had the talent to write songs, so I worked for a recording studio doing lyrical arrangements for the customers that wanted to record their own songs. My ambition now is to write something that will eventually be turned into a movie.

What made you want to write a book?
The reason that I wanted to write a novel was simply because of the story I was told from such a young age about how my parents had the misfortune of living in a haunted house. I knew if done correctly it would make a great story, so I just waited until the day came that I knew I was ready to write it.

What attracted you to the True Crime genre?
I write about true crime because to be honest I simply couldn’t invent a character as vicious and barbarous as the real people I write about because some of the things some people do to one another just makes me feel so disconsolate.

Tell me more about your book ‘The Evil that Came to Denham’?
The cover of my novel “The Evil that Came to Denham,” is a little bit misleading because it makes the book look purely like a horror novel but it’s so much more than that. (Don’t judge a book by a cover). The book actually starts off as Thriller/ romance because its written about my parent’s persistence to live together despite the disapproval of their parents. It was just unfortunate that the house they decided to move into had been built on the grounds of where a slaying of an entire family had taken place a hundred years before. The good thing about this story is not only does it tell you the story about my parents horrific experiences, it also takes you back in time to the life of the family that was haunting my parents.

How was it received?
On the release of my novel it sold out in four hours on Amazon which was such a wonderful surprise and it also sold out in one day in WH Smiths. I was invited to do a book signing at Waterstones after my novel sold out twice there and it was a wonderful endearing experience to meet some of the readers that had brought my novel.

Tell me a little about your publishing Journey?
On the completion of my novel I got a copy of the writer’s yearly hand book and set about contacting publishers and agents to try to get my book published. I decided to go down the long hard route of becoming a published writer because I knew the book was good enough to become published and I believed there is more credibility in becoming a published writer rather than being self-published. Though of course many would disagree with me.

Are their plans for any other books, and would you be sticking to True Crime?
I am at present writing 15 short stories which should be published this year 2019. I then will continue to write the follow up to the first novel I wrote as there is two parts to the story.

Do you have any tips for people who want to write and/or get published?
I have always believed that a story will come to you when its good and ready and there’s no point trying to push it. There have been days when I thought I should sit down to do some writing but just wasn’t feeling in the mood and therefore I done something else. Some people would worry about having that approach to their writing as they may think it lacks discipline but with me It works.

And lastly feel free to share some links, to your social media and you places where you can buy your book?
I can be found on YouTube under my name or title of my book. Also, I share information about my novel and book signings that I am doing on Facebook, and Instagram. My book is being sold in all leading book stores such as Waterstones and in America its being sold in Barnes and Noble. And of course it can be found on Amazon.


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