Interview with Tanisha Mackin (Tanisha Mackin Publishing)

Tanisha Mackin Publishing Photo

How many manuscripts do you accept each month on average?
On an average, I receive 5.

Do any of the accepted manuscripts not move on to publishing?
Knock on wood, every manuscript or client that I have accepted book has been published.

What kind of genres etc are hot in the industry at large right now?
From my personal experience, the genres that are hot right now are Urban, Self-help and Biographies.

Do you occasionally take a chance on a submission even if it’s not from a genre you typical publish, and depending on your answer, why?
I love the challenge, so I do not mind doing books from different genres.  My purpose is to help authors and first time authors share their stories with the world.

Broadly speaking what are you looking for as a publisher?
I am looking for authors who are not afraid to share their stories or testimonies with the world. You never know who you are helping with your stories (fiction or nonfiction)

How much will you read before decide on a submitted manuscript?
I typically read the first chapter just to get the feel of the story and where the author is trying to go.  If it is a short story, I may read the entire thing.

Also what is more important, a query letter or the manuscript itself?
Both are equally important because the letter gives you an insight on what the author is looking for and the manuscript displays their writing skills and where they are trying to go with their story.

What are the issues facing traditional publishers right now?
I do not consider myself a traditional publisher.  But what I find to be an issue for the most clients is the cost to publish the book or use my services (must have a budget) and their nervousness to publish their personal stories.

Can you explain the process of publishing to me from start to finish?
My first step is a consultation with my potential client, this will help me and the client to see if we are a great fit for each other.  Once that is established, we start the work. This includes editing, formatting, book cover, copyrights, ISBN, and etc. Depending on what package you purchased, we start the bestsellers campaign, branding and marketing for our client.

Is there a best (or better) time of year to submit to a publisher?
I noticed that the beginning of the year is a good time to start the process of your book because it is a fresh year, you have time to plan your book out.  The end of the year is when people are normally rushing to get their book out and the printing companies are backed up.

What are some tried and true methods of advertising and promoting that you can suggest to an author?
Being consistent with promoting your book will help.  social media is a huge platform to promote and put your book in the forefront.  Also, if you see author events that include vending opportunities, continue to do those events.  This will also help you stay in the eye of the public.


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