Game Review: The Incredibles

The Incredibles Game Cover

A game so good that I told my stepmother who had just went into labour at the time to hold on till I completed whatever level I happened to be playing. After checking it out again for the review I do have to admit that the graphic quality is a little worse than I remember. Not sure why maybe I just had it pegged as a bit better than it was. I guess that’s the nostalgia filter at play. But it still holds up pretty well and doesn’t impact the gameplay.

If you liked the film and really who didn’t love this positively super pixar movie then you’ll like the game. In my opinion it balanced gameplay with the style of the movie to create a delightful little game. I think the game embodies specifically what people want/expect from a movie tie-in game because it captures specific moments from the game really well and builds on them and allows you to play through them.

Despite being widely for the family, and it certainly featured one, albeit an Incredible one the film and by extension the game as largely aimed at children but it’s still fun to play when you’re in your early twenties. And playing it certainly made me relive my childhood.

I wasn’t super sure about this game when I first heard about it because Craig T. Nelson or Mr Incredible wasn’t going to voice his character in the game despite the other main cast returning. I just assumed that if the de facto main character wasn’t returning then there must be something for wrong but I was pleasantly surprised.

Over the course of 18 levels you play through a fantastic array of missions appropriate to the movie and get to play at one point or another each of the main Incredibles clan. Sure for the most part as I mentioned you play as Mr Incredible and that’s not bad. There’s something fun about deadlifting a safe or punching through a gang of enemies in one go. However for fans of the other characters you have several missions with Mrs Incredible which are quite fun. You can attack enemies from a distance using her stretchy powers to get some reach. One of the best parts of the game were the two missions where you get to play as Dash, as a kid he was the character I most identified with and they’re still fun when I have a few more years under my belt. The dash missions were quite fun although they reminded me a lot of Sonic Adventure in terms of how it played. Finally you get a mission with Violet who I’m probably least like because no one would mistake me for a meek wallflower although I suppose I’m not much like Mrs Incredible either because I’m not flexible and I’m not the mother to two kids. Anyway the violet mission was fairly enjoyable too I remember begging to stay up to finish playing it as a kid because I was excited about a new character. But you use violet’s powers of invisibility to hide from and outsmart some henchmen.

Overall I’d say if you enjoyed the movie and like classic platformers then play this game because it captures both elements really well and is still enjoyable to play even now.


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