Single Review: Nicholas Merz – Bulled Rose

Nicholas Merz Album 'The Limits of Men' Artwork

Nicholas Merz is a talented Seattle based musician, who previously fronted for the band Darto and has recently made his first solo Album titled ‘The Limits of Men’ which you can check out here. Today I’ll be reviewing the single ‘Bulled Rose’ from that album.

‘Bulled Rose’ is melodic and driven right from the start, the music really builds around you until you can almost feel it in the air around you, It’s at times like this I really appreciate doing this job so I can hear great new music like this. Merz has a very distinctive bassy voice that goes really well with this track and is also one that you’d remember. I also like getting to hear music from a little further afield and this Seattle based musician is a good example of why you should turn over every rock and look in every place you can for good music because otherwise you might just miss gems like this one.

So that’s what I thought of ‘Bulled Rose’ a single from Nicholas Merz and if you want to check out the track for yourself then visit Soundcloud.


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