Single Review: Carousel Clouds – Grace/Blood Red Sky

Grace (Look No Further) by Carousel Clouds Artwork

Carousel Clouds are a five piece shoegaze/Alternative outfit from Salford and are made up of Neil Meehan on Guitar/lead vocals, Dickon Kyme-Wright on Guitar, Tamsin Middleton on Vocals, Ben Mulvey on Keyboards/vocals and Matt Anderson Drums. If you’re curious to find out more about the band then you can check out this Interview I did with them as well. But for now check out my review of these two tracks from Carousel Clouds.

‘Grace (Look No Further)’ opens soft and slow, a gentle guitar and some emotional and powerful vocals, that grip you early and don’t let up. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, I knew I liked this band because of my previous review but this song is something else, a truly great addition to the band’s discography and a worthy addition to any music lovers collection. It’s one of those tracks that you could listen to over and over again and you just kind of have to let it wash over you.

‘Blood Red Sky (Marlon Brando Mix)’ is instantly different from the previous track, still quite chilled out I guess, but tonally it sounds really different, plus this is the Marlon Brando mix so I’m super curious to see how that comes into play. The melody, is subtle, and the vocals are distorted and they both work together to give this track a very unusual vibe. This track is great to work to, because its while it’s engaging it doesn’t steal focus, and the almost mysterious quality it has is very conducive to creative thinking.

So that’s what I thought of these new tracks from Salford based band Carousel Clouds and if you want to check those out then head on over to Bandcamp. And if you want to keep up to date with the band then you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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