Band Interview: Aw Naw

Aw Naw Band Photo

For newcomers, can you tell us who you guys all are and your favorite flower?
Well individually we are Jamie Angus, Taylor Buntain, Ruaraidh Quinn and Glen Robertson but as an absolute unit we are Aw Naw, a genre-bending scheme rock band from the oxters of Ayrshire and between us we like orchids, thistles, lotuses and self raising flour.

Describe the other members in 3 words?
Taylor (on guitars and vocals)Ruaraidh is “earth” “wind” and “fire”
Ruaraidh (on drums)Glen is hairy, scary and sweary
Glen (on bass)Jamie is cheats at scrabble… an I’m no over it
Jamie (on vocals and guitar) Taylor is a “mad vegan wizzard”

Now, how long have you guys been interested in being professional musicians?
GlenFor each of us we’ve had an interest in music and have been playin’ since we were young.  Personally after gettin’ a taste of playing live on stage I was up for it.
TaylorTogether we have experience on instruments like guitars, basses, keys, drums, mandolin, banjo, brass, tuned percussion and for some reason a medieval lute.  And this is a great place to bring those things together.
JamieI’ve never been interested in being “a professional” but I do love performing.  Especially with this band

What’s your favorite part of your set list and why’s that?
GlenWe have sets up to 3 hours long in the bag so there’s plenty of covers to enjoy. Some great tunes to dance to and some outside choices for our own amusement but I love playing our originals. It’s great to put a lot of work into something and see the reception it gets.
JamieI like our original material best too, because no one knows when you’ve cocked up.  And more often or not the cock ups are quite good, or at least funny.

What is your favorite thing you have done so far as a band?
TaylorI don’t think we’ve had any bad times as a band so far, every jam or recording session is productive and that feels great.  But to pick a favourite I’d probably say our trip to Jura at the end of the summer. As a band we quite like being on boats so island gigs are what we’re about.
JamieJura. Easily. Good onion rings are integral to this unit and they have the best onion rings anyone will ever have. Ever.
RuaraidhHe’s right enough, I still dream about those onion rings some nights.

What’s the most exciting thing you have coming up?
GlenWell we’re all focused on recording right now. So we have 4 tracks to release next year and were all lookin forward to that.  You’ll hear about a launch date when we have one.

What’s your go to jam session fuel – drinks, coffee, snacks?
Taylor There’s lots of water, ginger, and the occasional can getting sunk at Aw Naw jams. But as a band were big eaters. We love our crisps (the hotter the better) and our rhythm section could clear out any pakora-emporium…or pakorium on the face of the planet.

Are there any anecdotes you’d like to share behind any of your songs?
JamieWell, really demon drink is the first song I’ve been involved in writing.
RuaraidhDemon drinks a fun one. We thought of the worst person on the planet to invite to a house party and wrote a song about it.
GlenWe have a song with a retro-surf vibe that I do a power of speed picking on. That one was quite a physical effort to record. It felt like my right hand was ready to fall off.

Of the music you have released/are performing now, what type of movie do you think it would be on the soundtrack of? At what scene?
JamieThe surf tune Glen mentioned would suit an Adam west batman fight scene I think. It has a retro vibe but it’s pretty intense.
RuaraidhAye, if Adam West’s batman went up against Tom Hardy’s Bane.  That’s what it sounds like to me.
TaylorIt would have to be a series of films I reckon.  Each of the tracks were recording have our own scheme-rock special sauce on them.  But they’re definitely different from each other.
GlenIt’d be a damn weird film.  Not sure if its a spy thriller, a black comedy or a mockumentary.  Either way it’s got an uncomfortably long and graphic pumping scene in the middle.  “Secret Face” is a particularly sexy song it would fit well in that scene.

And finally, thanks for chatting with us, now take a second and pimp yourselves! Where can people find updates from you, listen to your music or chat to you guys?
Well the best place to be is our Facebook. Just look up Aw Naw and you should find our page. Give us a like and any updates we have for the future will be posted there. And we run that ourselves so any messages sent to us reach us personally. Cheers for having us. Live long and populate.

Interviewer note: For the sake of prosperity I would like it to be known that the following names were used to describe Jamie Angus: Jangus, Jamborghini Diablo, Jameless Season 5, James Q. Angus, 3rd Earl of Ardrossan and Jamie “Jamie Angus” Angus. Thank you.


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