Author Interview: M.R. Richardson

Interview with M.R. Richardson

First off, tell me about yourself?
I’m a low class soldier coming to earth to plant the tree of might.

What made you want to be a writer?
I’ve always wanted to create.

And what attracted you to writing in your specific genre, and do you stick with that consistently or do you change it up?
I love science fiction and would love to be a contributor to something I have enjoyed so much over the years. I see the need for voices like mine and I’m happy to satisfy the audience.

So tell me about what you’ve written, and has it been published/where can potential fans find your book(s)?
Everywhere except google play books. You can find my books on Amazon by clicking here, here, here and here

If you have had stuff published, how has it been received? And what is your opinion of your work now that it’s out there?
I’m one complex dude but my writing doesn’t have to be.

Is there anything you’d change or do differently now that it’s published?
Of course, with the next novel lol

Speaking of publishing, how did you go about getting you book(s) published, and what was your publishing journey like?
7 years of maybe I’ll finish it then direct to self-publish.

Now tell me a little about what your writing process is like?
Tron music, rum, and magic fingers.

And do you write for any market or demographic in particular?
No not really.

What advice do you have for other writers?
Learn how to market as well as write.

Tell me about some writers you really like and/or admire?
Drew Karpyshyn and George R.R. Martin.

How do you deal with writer’s block?
If you know how to write stories you shouldn’t get writers block.

And lastly feel free to share links to your social media so potential fans can follow you?


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