Band Interview: The Ghost Tape

The Ghost Tape Band Photo

So first of how did you all meet?
Through a website ad.

Where are you all from?
Aberdeen and North East Scotland. 

How long have you been playing your respective instruments?
Over 20 years.

What genre of music do you consider your work to be?
Heavy Rock.

What are your influences?
All Music, mostly Rock though.

Do you do covers and if so what’s your go to?
Helter Skelter by The Beatles at the moment.

What if anything does your name mean/why are you called that?
It doesn’t mean anything, came from an At the Drive song.

Do you have a process for writing your songs? /Which of you writes the songs?
Chris writes the overall song, but I arrange them with tempo and breaks, etc, it’s collaborative, Relaxed, but productive.

Do you have any interesting/funny stories about gigging or touring?
Just the usual playing in front of uninterested people, which is frustrating.

What song do you remember most from your childhood?
The Sweet, Love is like Oxygen, great glam rock band from the 70s.

What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?
Just developing a big sound for only two members, but we have cracked it with correct equipment.

How can fans-to-be gain access to your music?
Usual online outlets, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Have you released anything yet/if you have how has it gone down and are you planning anything for the near future?
Very positive so far, from likes, etc, New record out early 2019.

Where have you performed? What are your favourite and least favourite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows?
Aberdeen gigs have been enthusiastically received, small Scottish tour spring 2019.

What do you think about downloading music online?
Sign of the times, I’m old school, but there is room for everything.

What’s your outlook on the record industry today?
Unsure, but the lack of quality control is a worry, wish labels would take more chances again.

And let’s end with something a little different…Which famous person, alive or dead, would you have dinner with and why?
Nelson Mandela, to show me patience and the act of forgiveness when put under extreme prejudice.


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