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Top 10: Game Grumps One-Offs (Jon Era)

So I’ve been a fan of Game Grumps ever since I was introduced to them in early 2013, in fact I was a fan back when Jon (Jon Jafari, also known as JonTron) was still a host. He played ‘Not So Grump’, to Arin’s (Arin Hanson, also known as Egoraptor) ‘Grump’ character. Together they played games and hosted their YouTube channel, known as Game Grumps. Jon left the show after approximately 619 episodes, with his tenure lasting from the shows debut on 18th July 2012 and ending when he left the show on the 24th June 2013. A lot of fans still enjoy revisiting the older episodes, myself included, so I wanted to create a Top 10 list of my favorite Game Grumps episodes from Jon’s time on the show. I also did a Top 10 for my favourite episodes of Jon’s own show Jontron, which you can check out here.

1. Goldeneye

Game Grumps - Goldeneye.jpgSo the Goldeneye episode takes the first spot, now I’m not sure if other fans will agree with me about this being the best or one of the best episodes of Jon’s era of Game Grumps but I’ve always enjoyed it. Even if it does happen to talk about genocide more than your average internet diversion. I think my favourite part is Arin’s rant about how terrible this game is, firmly cementing the notion of him as a ‘Grump’.

2. Mary-Kate and Ashley: Sweet 16 – Licensed to Drive

Game Grumps - Mary-Kate and Ashley - Sweet 16 - Licensed to Drive.jpgThis episode came so close to taking the top spot because it’s my go to episode if I want to watch an episode from the Jon era of the show. It’s just so funny and ridiculous, Arin explaining the origins of Wumbo from Spongebob Squarepants, and their over the top impressions of Mary-Kate and Ashley, including the infamous line “”SO WE CAN KAYAK DOWN IT!!”

3. Chuck E. Cheese’s Party Games

Game Grumps - Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games.jpgThis episode was still quite early on in the shows history, in fact it’s the second One-Off they ever played, as such they are still developing and working on their dynamic together, but by this point they are less anxious. I think the best part of this episode is Arin’s story about how Chucky, the eponymous character of Chuck E Cheese took one of his skee-balls, missed his shot and then just left.

4. Paperboy 64

Game Grumps - Paperboy 64.jpgHaving played this game myself I know how maddening it can be so I enjoy this episode at least partly out of a sense of nostalgia but also it’s just really fun. A lot of what makes Game Grumps enjoyable stems from them playing games, especially older and/or glitchy games and them reacting to the difficulty or from the glitches themselves. As I mentioned up top, this game is difficult, especially as they increase in difficulty and it’s just fun watching them try and fail to complete it.

5. Inspector Gadget

Game Grumps - Inspector Gadget.jpgAs I mentioned above, what I like most about Game Grumps is their confusion in regards to these older games, I mean at one point the camera just pans in as Inspector Gadget ejects a coiled spring from his feet, and Jon exclaims over the top of it. It’s little things like that, which make this a good episode, just the level of incredulousness. Also Jon tells Arin he smells nice in this episode.

6. A Bug’s Life

Game Grumps - A Bug's Life.jpgA Bug’s Life is my second favourite game based on the life of some bugs, the first spot being taken by Bugdom, a game from the early 2000’s that I literally only ever played in primary school. But getting away from my little personal anecdote, this game is awesome, and it in it Arin and Jon have a discussion that highlights why Jon and Dan’s eras og Game Grumps are separate and good in their own right. What I mean to say is that for the most part, because there are exceptions, Arin and Dan are on the same page, they get along well and agree consistently, meanwhile Arin and Jon still get on well but they often disagreed on things, so it added an extra layer to their dynamic. Again I do need to stress that this does not make one host better than another, rather it just means they are enjoyable for different reasons. Now to the discussion specifically, Arin and Jon start talking about gravity and what makes it work, they even look it up but end the episode unable to agree on who is right. This episode also happened to be the last One-Off featuring Jon before he left the show.

7. Spice World

Game Grumps - Spice World.jpgI’ve raised the point a few times now, but what I enjoy the most from Game Grumps is when their is just absolute confusion and Spice World has this in bags. I mean Arin and Jon make a valiant effort, for example when they enter the mixing room, they assume you are supposed to assemble the song, which they try their best to do  before actually reading the manual. This game was so bad in fact that Arin ‘killed’ Jon with a knife.

8. Mary-Kate and Ashley: Magical Mystery Mall

Mary-Kate and Ashley - Magical Mystery Mall.jpgHopefully you’ll recall my love of the other Mary-Kate and Ashley game they played which is further up the list, if not then pop back up and read that one first. Anyway, I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as that one but it’s still good in its own right. This is also the episode where we discover that Arin is a robot, and Jon has to fix him before they get started.

9. Super Mario Land

Game Grumps - Super Mario Land.jpgQuite a lot of the time with Game Grumps, the game itself it a backdrop to them just chatting and enjoying themselves, and that’s very true with this episode, in it Jon tries to speedrun it but in typical Game Grumps fashion he can’t because he’s too busy goofing off with Arin, and then right at the end ala Battle Kid, he accidentally resets the game.

10. Rugrats in Paris: The Movie

Game Grumps - Rugrats in Paris - The Movie.jpgGOD THIS GAME! I had it as a kid and it’s one of those games that you could play for hours but it’s also one of those games where no amount of appreciation for the source material can make up for its flaws. I mean it’s not the worst game but there’s a reason that in this game Arin ‘Killed’ himself because it was so terrible. Also sidenote double check what Jon says about Rugrats in this episode I’m pretty sure he’s wrong about this being the first movie and Kimi being the first new character.

So those were my Top 10 favourite Game Grumps Extended Playthroughs and if you want to check out their channel and find your own favourites then head on over to their YouTube, and make sure and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates from Game Grumps. You can also check out more from Jontron on his personal YouTube channel and you can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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