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Top 10: Game Grumps extended playthroughs (Jon Era)

So this is similar to another entry, which you can check out here, but instead of focusing on One-Off episodes it focuses on extended playthroughs done by Arin and Jon during his tenure on the show. In case you don’t know who they are I’ll just mention briefly that Game Grumps is a lets play YouTube channel established in July 2012. It was originally hosted by Arin Hanson (also known as Egoraptor) who played the ‘Grump’ character and Jon Jafari (also known as JonTron) who played the ‘Not So Grump’ character. This list covers what I consider to be the best extended playthroughs posted during Jon’s tenure on the show, which covered the period between July 2012 and June 2013. After this period Jon left the show and was replaced by Dan Avidan (Also known as Danny Sexbang) who took over as ‘Not So Grump’. I’ll also be doing separate Top 10’s for Dan’s tenure on the show which you can check out here and here.

1. Sonic ‘06

Game Grumps - Sonic '06.jpgFor many the iconic series of Game Grumps, it has everything that makes the show great such as glitches, insanity and ‘Real Talk’. One of the best parts of this series was the music, which Arin has referred to as “Butt-Rock” in another playthrough. Throughout this series songs such as ‘Escape From the City’ are sung/played by the Game Grumps, although often with incorrect/improvised lyrics or at different speeds to the regular recording. This series also started the long and ongoing tradition of the Game Grumps playing Sonic games and discussing their glitches and storylines. Unfortunately for fans Jon left before this series was completed and the Grumps has since said that they have no intention of completing it without him.

2. Mario Party 2

Game Grumps - Mario Party 2.jpgA game apparently so good they played it again, two separate playthroughs, the second being called Mario Party – Revengeance. I happen to like all the Mario Party Playthroughs the Game Grumps have done, both with Jon and with Danny, so I knew I was going to enjoy this one. I also happen to enjoy funny out of context quotes so I’m gonna share the best one from the entire series, “Look at DK. He’s like ‘Huh'” “Like somebody told him his son was dead, but he never wanted him in the first place” “That’s totally the face for that!”. If that sounds like the kind of nonsense you enjoy then this playthrough is for you. It’s harder to sum up why I like specific series without spoiling it overall, but basically this one has a lot of funny little moments that are weird and kind of personify why I enjoy Game Grumps, for example in the second episode Arin tells Jon that the Skeleton Key he has looks like a dead little girl with a bow, granted out of context that sounds morbid and horrible but trust me it’s funny nonetheless.

3. Pokemon Emerald

game grumps - pokemon emeraldI’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it on any of these lists but one of the things I like about Game Grumps is that they aren’t concerned with completing the games but instead just having a good time. In fact they spend so much time backtracking and coming up with creative names for their Pokemon that you can honestly say that they don’t make any significant progress over several episodes, but yet despite that it’s still enjoyable to watch. Something I like about this that I’ve mentioned elsewhere is that it shows the dynamic between the two hosts and how they can often have different opinions, for example specific to this playthrough Arin is a fan of Pokemon and tries to explain why to Jon, whereas he finds the series overall to be dull and repetitive, they discuss this as they play the game.

4. Goof Troop

Game Grumps - Goof Troop.jpgThis is the first game they completed on the show and is a common fan favourite. I’ve never played it myself but I will admit that watching he playthrough did make me want to play the game. I think what people like about this series, other than them actually finishing it is that they talk about the mechanics as well as their usually nonsense, so you kind of learn about the game as well as enjoy the expected silliness. That and the dynamic between Arin and Jon as Goofy and Max is really nice as well, plus we rarely get to see them co-op together usually they either have one of them play a game throughout, they swap who plays or they are playing competitively against each other, so it’s nice to see them work together. I think perhaps my favourite part what Arin and Jon’s freestyle rap in episode 8.

5. You Don’t Know Jack

Game Grumps - You Don't Know Jack.jpgI like Game Grumps episodes where they play trivia games because despite what I said on the previous entry it’s good when they compete because we get to see them go head to head, literally in this case. But also we get to see how terrible they are with trivia, a gentle reassurance that you don’t need to know everything to succeed. I have to admit, I don’t really like this game, but I do like this playthrough.

6. Animal Crossing: City Folk

Game Grumps - Animal Crossing - City Folk.jpgI’ve always enjoyed Animal Crossing games, they are filled with warmth and wholesomeness and so I was excited to see this playthrough, and I wasn’t disappointed in the overall content. Although I was kinda sad that they had to end the series prematurely because Suzy, Arin’s wife played the same save off camera by accident and basically completed it.

7. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

game grumps - who wants to be a millionaireAs mentioned above I liked the trivia game episodes, and unlike with You Don’t Know Jack I also liked the game itself not just the playthrough. Some highlights include the character looking like Mulan and more examples of Arin and Job being bad at trivia, for example they brought kilometers and meters into a question that explicitly used the words “feet” and “miles”.

8. Joe and Mac

Game Grumps - Joe and Mac.jpgI loved this game as a kid, and if you haven’t played it then I’d say you close down this article, although do come back to it later, and find yourself a copy to try it out for yourself. But anyway, this series is also a fan favourite, they even came back to it during Dan’s tenure on the show, during a Guest Grumps episode with Jesse Cox and Michele Morrow. This playthrough with Arin and Jon however is a strong addition to Game Grumps history, a personal highlight is the singing, for example they sing excerpts from Rent and Wicked amongst others and the finish off the finale episode with a music video featuring Arin’s cats Mochi and Mimi.

9. Banjo and Kazooie

Game Grumps - Banjo and Kazooie.jpgSadly, another game that was never completed because Jon left the show, especially a shame since Jon is well documented as a massive fan of the series. The original plan for this playthrough was that Arin would play it more than Jon because he had never played it before but partly to speed up the playthrough and probably more likely because he couldn’t resist he ended up taking the lead during this playthrough. It was in this video I noticed a trend, that they tend to actually make progress if they like the game, it’s the same reason why Dan was so good at Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! Because he genuinely enjoyed the game.

10. Chulip

Game Grumps - Chulip.jpgThe Grumps had a lot of fun with this game, mainly because it’s quirky and surreal at times, for example one of the main objectives is to kiss and therefore ingratiate yourself with random townsfolk to impress the girl of your dreams. This episode also confirms for certain that the Game Grumps editor, Barry Kramer poops.

So those were my Top 10 favourite Game Grumps One-Offs and if you want to check out their channel and find your own favourites then head on over to their YouTube, and make sure and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates from Game Grumps. You can also check out more from Jontron on his personal YouTube channel and you can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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