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Top 10: Game Grumps extended playthroughs (Danny Era)

This is part of an ongoing series of Game Grumps Top 10’s covering the best One-Offs and Extended Playthroughs from Jon and Danny’s respective tenures on the show. You can check out the Top 10 One-Off episode lists by clicking here and here. As for the Top 10 extended playthrough’s, you’re reading one of those right now and you can check out the other right hereAnyway if you aren’t aware of what Game Grumps is then let me enlighten you, Game Grumps is a Let’s Play series based on YouTube which is currently hosted by Arin Hanson (Also known as Egoraptor) and Dan Avidan (Also known as Danny Sexbang) who play ‘Grump’ and ‘Not So Grump’ respectively. The role of ‘Not So Grump’ was previously held by Jon Jafari (Also known as JonTron) until he left the show in July 2013.

1.Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune

Game Grumps - Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune.jpgIgnore the boobs in the thumbnail up there, this game is a lot more than an opportunity for  cartoon generated letching, it has some of the most quoted lines from the show, and in it we find conclusive proof that Arin has some serious issues with gambling, but I suppose as he says you don’t actually lose the money till you stop gambling and leave the table. As well as his persistence with betting on 23 we also see his persistence with the ladies, because he is devastated that Nyotengu won’t return his affections and the humour comes from Arin slowly descending into madness trying to please her.

2. Punch Out!

Game Grumps - Punch Out!.jpgNo one watches Game Grumps for the gameplay, usually we are watching it in spite or even because they are bad at it, it’s the hosts we come to enjoy not what’s actually happening on screen but in this case you watch rapt by the impressive skill of Dan, he previously showed us what he could do in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! For the NES and he came back again to impress us with this Wii title Punch Out!! to absolutely destroy it through sheer perseverance. This is one of about three games they came back to after an extended period of time, with Dan saying that he needed to practice before taking on the title defence portion of the game.

3. Nancy Drew The White Wolf of Icicle Creek

Game Grumps - Nancy Drew and The White Wolf of Icicle Creek.jpgI thoroughly enjoyed this playthrough, it has some of the most quoted moments in Game Grumps history including the infamous “I Missed” line. I enjoyed this playthrough so much that when they didn’t end up finishing the game I bought myself a copy so that I could complete it myself. Overall though this is just a fantastic game with lots of funny observations that make it well worth a watch.

4. Sonic Adventure DX

Game Grumps - Sonic Adventure DX.jpgI have enjoyed all of the Sonic playthroughs that the Game Grumps have done to date, with this one being a particular favourite. I mentioned in another list that a lot of humour comes from the 3D Sonic games being glitchy and having sometimes confusing lot and gameplay. This holds true for this game, although Arin promised and really did try to tone down his negative opinions about the franchise for this series. Highlights for this series being the gambling segments and the entire ‘Big the Cat’ portion of the game which is just so mind numbing that it’s genuinely hilarious.

5. Sonic and the Black Knight

Game Grumps - Sonic and the Black Knight.jpgThis is another funny Sonic playthrough, and this game is so confusing, it’s officially part of the Sonic canon but it’s based on the story of King Arthur and combines just so many elements, including motion controls courtesy of the Wii. This series is good evidence of why Arin is known as ‘Grump’ in the Game Grumps partnership, because after failing to beat the dragon later in the series he becomes so frustrated that he destroys a light and punches a cabinet, he also shouts at Barry but later apologises. It also had the screaming rant about the unavoidable chin move.

6. Doki Doki Literature Club

Game Grumps - Doki Doki Literature Club.jpgAnother game that the Game Grumps played that engrossed me so much I ended up getting it and playing it myself. The Grumps get a lot of mileage out of the the fact that the game has darker undertones that only become apparently later in the game, and when replaying. They also established that Monika was a robot, something that I can totally see the basis behind.

7. Night Trap

Game Grumps - Night Trap.jpgThis game has the distinct honour of being then reason behind the creation of the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) this was due to perceived depravity due to the content of the game coupled with the full-motion video scenes. The Game Grumps playthrough is brilliant, from the singalong Danny has with the characters where they sing the titular theme song of the game to the alternate ending filmed with the Game Grumps cast and Arin’s cats Mochi and Mimi to cover up for the fact they got stuck and couldn’t finish.

8. Trauma Center: Second Opinion

Game Grumps - Trauma Center Second Opinion.jpgA common trope in Game Grumps is voice work, where they’ll often read out the dialogue and add to it to make it funny. They actually did a co-op for this game, which I’ve said previously I happen to enjoy when they do it. To do this they had Arin operate the Wii Remote to perform actions and surgeries, and had Danny act as a nurse and use the Nunchuck to hand Arin tools. This series has the infamous ‘Cranberry’ line, which is another of the most well known and quoted parts of the series.

9. Christmas Adventure Candy Storm

Game Grumps - Christmas Adventure Candy Storm.jpgI only recently saw this playthrough despite it being released between December 20th 2016 and December 25th 2016 for their yearly Christmas related batch of videos called ‘Jingle Grumps’. I saw it around Christmas 2018 and it instantly made the list of my favourite because of the voice work, the surrealism of the game itself and frankly that it’s just interesting to watch.

10. Feel the Snow

Game Grumps - Feel the Snow.jpgWhat I liked most about this other than the fact that Feel the Snow is just a lovely little game is that Arin just picked it up intuitively. I’ve said it before no one really watches Game Grumps for the quality of gameplay but it’s always good when they show themselves to be skilled at it. I also happen to enjoy it when Arin gets passionate about something and we get that here as well.

Honourable Mentions go to Munchables, Dog Island and Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril which I also really enjoyed but didn’t quite make the top 10 list.

So those were my Top 10 favourite Game Grumps Extended Playthroughs and if you want to check out their channel and find your own favourites then head on over to their YouTube, and make sure and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates from Game Grumps.


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