Single Review: Los Años Rojos – Abril / Al Sol

Los Años Rojos

Los Años Rojos are a five piece Indie Rock band from the city of La Plata, Argentina made up of Martín Remiro on Guitar/Vocals, Javier Li on Violin, Fermín Ferreyra Rey on Keyboard, Vicente Jalil on Bajo and Germán Sinegub on Drums.

‘Abril’ opens with a melodic blend of guitar, vocals and percussion that all build on top of each other perfectly. The lead singer’s voice is tremendous, he’s an incredibly talented vocalist and the song just washes over you. But it’s not a slow song, it has an energy to it, something that also pumps you up as much as it soothes you and it takes a lot of skill to balance those two. I think what I liked most though was the closing moments of the track where it finished off with a lovely little trilling note.

‘Al Sol’ this one is very different up front than the previous track, but equally good, lie with the last one you can get lost in it, not being a Spanish speaker myself, it was far easier to just hear the music and the vocal talents rather than focusing on what was being said. This definitely has a different vibe than the previous track, that one was more melancholic, this one seems more animated and lively, and I think listening to them together gives you a really good idea of what this band can do.

So that’s what I thought of the tracks Abril and Al Sol from Los Años Rojos, and you can check them on on YouTube by following this link, or this link respectively. And make sure and support the band by following them on Facebook and Twitter.


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