Author Interview: Fjori Hysa

Interview with Fjori Hysa

Tell me about yourself?
My name is Fjori Hysa. Born in 1990, from Albania. I graduated from physiotherapy with excellent grades. I love humans, I believe that Female is everything, she is just described,not compared. I also love writing, music, art, nature, reading, philosophy and animals. Now I’m writing my first book and hope to be finished in 2019.

How long have you been writing?
It was my literature teacher, when I was in my teens who noticed that my writings differed from my peers because it had a philosophical style. She told that my writing seemed like that of an adult poet and she kept my notebooks.

What attracted you to writing poetry?
I write for passion and include feeling into my poems, if they don’t have it… for me isn’t ready be public. When I’m feeling inspired because I don’t write for medals or diplomas, everything is natural.

Are there any particular themes or trends to your writing?
The most attractive themes to me are:

Feminism and lack of rights, Death and Love.

I think my skill to write is a gift from Lord because I can’t understand how you can write about love to a person who hasn’t known it but….for me love is only words, and anyone can write it if they have sufficient imagination.

Have you been published,if you have where?
My writings contain a strong message ,except artistic and have been published in many blogs. 

  • Libri dhe Komenti
  • Olti Curri blog
  • American Eye
  • Mesazhi mk Dritarja Online
  • Tik Tak lajme
  • Pena e fjetur

There are so many…and can’t write to all ,but I want to thank all from the bottom of my heart for the time and opportunity to be part of their virtual friends.

Where can potential readers find your poetry?
I invite all to join in my personal blog: Fjori Hysa Poete and please leave your comments and your impressions.

How do you feel people have responded to it?
The most beautiful thing is to hear my readers motivate me by saying ‘Never stop writing, I find myself in your poems and they make me cry’. I appreciate more comments than just ‘I loved these words or this is was an amazing poem!”

And lastly, what do you have to say people who want to do what you do?
Everyone is gifted and do what you feel, if that makes you feel good and…don’t ever listen to people saying “You can’t do this or that”

Nobody has no right to judge your tact and skill so…keep shining and be a blessed person for yourself rather than for others.


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