Top 10’s: Game Grumps (Jon Era) Extended Playthroughs

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*This list was updated on 08/07/2019 and now includes new entries which made it onto my personal Top 10 list.

This list is part of an ongoing series that details my Top 10 Game Grumps playthroughs, this one focuses on the best extended playthroughs (i.e where they’ve played the game for more than 1 episode) during the period where Jon Jafari (Jontron) was the co-host also known as ‘Not So Grump’. I’ve been a fan of Game Grumps since I was first introduced to them back in early 2013, this was when Jon was still a host on the show, as I mentioned up top he was ‘Not So Grump’ and hosted and co-founded the channel alongside Arin Hanson (also known as Egoraptor) who played the ‘Grump’ character. So Today I will be discussing my favourite extended playthroughs from his tenure on the show which lasted from July 2012 until June 2013. After Jon left the show he was replaced by Dan Avidan (also known as Danny Sexbang) and if you’d like to check out my Top 10 list of the extended playthroughs during his tenure then click here. If you want to check out the best Game Grumps one offs (i.e games which they only played once) click here or here for Dan and Jon era one offs respectively.

1. Sonic ’06 (108 Episodes)
For many fans this is the most iconic playthrough on Game Grumps or at least the series which most fans remember, and I can see why, it has everything that makes Game Grumps great from glitches to insanity and plenty of ‘Real Talk’. Perhaps the best part of Sonic ’06 was the music, which Arin has famously called “Butt-Rock” in another Sonic playthrough. Throughout the series, songs such as ‘Escape From the City’ are sung by the Game Grumps, often with incorrect and/or improvised lyrics or with the music played at different speeds to the regular recording. This series also started the long and ongoing tradition of the Game Grumps playing Sonic games and discussing their glitches and story lines. Unfortunately for fans Jon left before this playthrough was finished and the Grumps have since said that they have no intention of completing it without him.

2. Animal Crossing: City Folk (3 Episodes)
Is just a solidly nice playthrough, I’ve always enjoyed Animal Crossing because the games are filled with a sense of warmth and wholesomeness that real life is sometimes missing, and so I was excited to see how the Game Grumps handled that type of game. I wasn’t disappointed either, because the three episode playthrough was fun to watch. It was just a shame that Arin’s wife Suzy (Also known as Mortem3r, the host of KittyKatGaming) played their save off screen and basically completed the game meaning the playthrough was cut short.

3. Pokemon Emerald Version (20 Episodes)
One of the things I like most about the Game Grumps is that you can enjoy their content even if they don’t progress much in terms of gameplay. They aren’t concerned with completing the game, but having a good time instead, and I feel this is carried on over to the viewer. In fact in this playthrough they spend so much time backtracking and coming up with creative names for their Pokemon that you can honestly say that they don’t make any significant progress over several episodes, but yet despite that it’s still enjoyable to watch. Another thing I liked is that this playthrough shows the core dynamic at play between the two hosts, in this playthrough Arin, who is a fan of Pokemon is trying to explain to Jon, who is not why he enjoys the series, but Jon just finds it dull and repetitive, and they just discuss this like friends as they play the game.

4. Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure (3 Episodes)
A playthrough that ended purely because they got stuck, and couldn’t get past the Universal Studios Quiz. This is why I come back, they don’t claim to be perfect, they don’t claim to be professionals, it’s really like you are watching your friends play it.

5. Chulpin (8 Episodes)
The Game Grumps had a whole lot of fun when playing this game due to its quirky and surreal style. One of the main objectives is to kiss and therefore ingratiate yourself with random townsfolk so you can impress the girl of your dreams and they really made the best of that mechanic. This episode is also important in Game Grumps history because it confirms for certain that the Game Grumps editor, Barry Kramer poops.

6. Banjo-Kazooie (23 Episodes)
Much like Sonic ’06 this was another game that was never completed because Jon left the show, and this is particular sad because Job is vocally a huge fan of Banjo-Kazooie. Anyway, the original plan for this game was for Arin to play it more than Jon because he’d never played it before, but partly to speed up the playthrough, and also I’m guessing because Jon couldn’t resist he ended up taking the lead in this playthrough. It was actually during this playthrough that I noticed that they are far more likely to make progress with a game if they really enjoy it, it’s why Dan was so good at Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! Because he genuinely enjoyed the game.

7. Joe & Mac (4 Episodes)
I absolutely loved this game as a kid, and if you haven’t played it at least once then I suggest you put down whatever device you are reading this list on (but do come back and finish reading it later), find and/or purchase yourself a copy and spend the rest of the day playing it, you will not regret it. Anyway, this game was a fan favourite, and it’s also one of the few games to have crossed the barrier between Jon and Dan’s tenures on the show, because they played it again during Dan Era, on a Guest Grumps featuring Jesse Cox and Michele Morrow (who starred with the Game Grumps in their YouTube Red show, Good Game). I’m also a fan of singing out of context, loudly and proudly so I particularly liked this episode because they sung excerpts from Rent and Wicked amongst others and then even finish off the finale with a music video featuring Mimi and Mochi (Arin and Suzy’s Napoleon Munchkin Kittens).

8. Donkey Kong Country (12 Episodes)
I wasn’t as much of a fan of Donkey Kong country as other side-scrolling platformers like Pac-Land or Super Mario World which were released around the same time but it still stacks up pretty highly nonetheless so I was excited to watch the Game Grumps tackle this game, we even got to here their opinions on the game, although they were careful about what they said to avoid backlash. I also like how they traded off playing the levels, it made things seem more balanced.

9. Shenmue (3 Episodes)
Despite its relative simplicity compared to modern games, Shenmue was and still is one of my all time favourite games,  not just because it’s fun in it’s own right but also because it introduced or developed elements of gameplay that were new then but would become key elements of some of my other favourite games. So when I say they played Shenmue I was so excited, sadly they stopped playing it, and probably won’t return to it now that Jon has left the show but despite the slower gameplay, I enjoyed this playthrough and would totally be up for seeing Dan and Arin tackle it.

10. Glover (3 Episodes)
Another playthrough I jumped on because I loved the game, I mean despite being arguably creepy, I loved Glover as a kid and totally wanted/want a Glover teddy (or I suppose it would be a plushie now). The best part of this playthrough though was probably that they got sent this game a lot, at least 7 times, in fact it led to this super funny bit, in a charity video the Game Grumps did a few years ago.


Honourable mentions go to Kirby Super StarMario Party 2 and Goof Troop which I also really enjoyed but didn’t quite make the top 10 list.

So those were my Top 10 favourite Game Grumps Extended Playthroughs during Jon’s Era and if you want to check out their channel and find your own favourites then head on over to their YouTube, and make sure and follow them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for the latest updates from Game Grumps.

You can also check out more from Jontron on his personal YouTube channel and you can also follow him on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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