Top 10: Game Grumps Extended Playthroughs (Danny Era)

Game Grumps Dan Era Extended Playthroughs

*This list was original posted on 01/01/2019, updated on 08/07/2019 and updated again on 14/12/2019 to include new entries which have made it onto my Top 10 List.

Here’s another Top 10, this one breaks down my favourite extended playthroughs from Dan era Game Grumps. If you want to check out my Top 10 Dan era One-offs then click here and if you want to check out my favourite Jon era One-offs and Extended Playthroughs then click here and here respectively. I also made a Top 10 for my favourite Game Grumps moments which you can check out here.

While I’m at it, if you are a fan of Game Grumps, I would strongly recommend that you check out KittyKatGaming, a channel ran by Suzy Berhow (also known as Mortem3r) who is an artist, animator, model, jeweller, voice actor, taxidermist, entrepreneur and member of the Game Grumps, as well as being the wife of Arin Hanson (also known as Egoraptor). If you like the channel then maybe you might like to check out my Top 10 KittyKatGaming One-offs and Extended Playthroughs which you can check out here and here respectively.

Okay, now let me actually introduce you to the Game Grumps before we move onto the Top 10 list. Game Grumps are a Let’s Play channel which was established in July 2012 by Co-hosts and founders Arin Hanson (also known as Egoraptor) and Jon Jafari (also known as JonTron) who on the show, also called ‘Game Grumps‘ play the characters of ‘Grump’ and ‘Not So Grump’ respectively.

While I am talking about Jon, if you are a fan then feel free to check out my Top 10 JonTron Episodes list by clicking here.

Arin and Jon ran the channel together, along with their editor Barry Kramer (also known as razzadoop) until Jon left in June 2013 to focus on his own channel, JonTronShow. Following Jon’s departure from the channel he was replaced by American musician, Internet personality, singer-songwriter, comedian, and actor Dan Avidan (also known as Danny Sexbang) who took over his role as ‘Not So Grump’.

Interestingly enough, Dan had initially been planned to be the co-host of another show on the Game Grumps channel, called Steam Train, alongside Ross O’Donovan (also known as RubberRoss, RubberNinja or CondomRoss) an Australian animator, voice actor, and Internet personality. However due to Jon’s sudden withdrawal from the show, and because Arin had apparently said that Danny would have always been his second choice for a co-host of Game Grumps if Jon were unavailable he ended up taking the co-host role on both shows. Another interesting tidbit regarding Dan joining the channel is that his first appearance on Game Grumps in the video(s) Ode to Jon / Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!: Around the World – PART 1 went up on the same day as his first appearance on Steam Train in the video Hotline Miami: Who’s Calling? – PART 1 (which was actually recorded several months prior) with both being uploaded to the Game Grumps channel on the 25th June 2013. Lastly, before we move onto the actual list you’re here for, if you like Steam Train and would like to check out my Top 10 Steam Train One-offs and Extended Playthroughs then you can click here and here respectively. So there we have it, now onto the Top 10 Game Grumps One-Offs (Danny Era).

1. Dead Rising (46 Episodes)
Since I last updated this list, I think this was the only entry that remained exactly where it was, the rest either changed or at least moved around, but Dead Rising, stands a severed head above the rest. I go back to this series every couple of months, just when I’ve forgotten enough to make it feel fresh and funny again. In my opinion it’s fantastic, a personal highlight is the whole Wap Demon/Slice Goblin thing which is hilarious to me every single time I watch it. This playthrough was so good in fact that I ended up going out and buying a copy for myself.

2. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (60 Episodes)
I wasn’t really a fan of Phoenix Wright before, I mean I’d heard of it and a few of my friends were fans but in all honesty it didn’t interest me too much. That was right up until it got the Game Grumps treatment, I now plan on getting the game on the Switch for Christmas this year. Their playthrough of this game is a lot like their Trauma Center playthrough, in that a lot of the humour comes from them just making fun with the characters, giving them personality, and just meandering through the game incidentally as opposed to directly trying to complete it, or follow the story.

3. House Party (20 Episodes)
One of our contributors Tori B Bearly hates it when I watch this playthough mainly just because for days afterwards I’ll keep saying ‘How’s it Going Dude’ when there’s a quiet moment. But what I really like about this series is that it has everything that makes Grumps best, and funny. For glitches, to confusing and twisting plot, to crazy characters and just little stream of consciousness bits that flesh out the narrative in a very Grump fashion.

4. Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek (6 Episodes)
This is another holdover from the original version of his list, prior to any updates or edits, and that’s because it’s one of the best series on the entire channel. It has one of the most quoted Game Grumps moments of all times, namely the ‘I Missed’ bit, which to this day, just kills me. I will say, as much as I really enjoyed this series and will return to it regularly, I was so frustrated by them not progressing that I not only bought the game but completed it in one long night after serious dental work. So the Grumps are directly responsible for me now being obsessed with Nancy Drew games, and next time they are on sale on Steam I am buying as many as I possibly can. Speaking of which you can add Off the Record on Steam if you are interested.

5. Kirby’s Dream Course/Grumps Dream Course (71 Episodes)
This series is funny, but honestly what I like about it is that it’s a nice chilled out playthrough, not too low energy to the point where it seems like they are bored but just something you can relax to that isn’t going to keep you up. It is excellent entertainment, but equally great background noise.

6. A Way Out (21 Episodes)
This was a bloody brilliant series, and yet another entry on this list that convinced me to buy the game. This game involves a lot of cooperation and A LOT of focus, which if you are a long term fan then you will know is obviously their strong suit. Another strong point for this game is that without crazy glitches or characters to keep them occupied they really seemed to enjoy this game, and you can tell. Also I also enjoy a playthrough where Dan and Arin are both playing, something you usually only see during Game Grumps vs playthroughs.

7. Mother Simulator (3 Episodes)
Mother Simulator had me in stitches which was only an issue because I was watching it late at night during a bout of insomnia and I woke up my partner because I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s just a ‘tour de force’ for Arin, much like in House Party, he just panics and bolts from room to room doing things, even as the game is trying to correct him or tell him what he’s actually supposed to do.

8. Devil’s Third (9 Episodes)
I actually discovered this only recently, I don’t know how I missed it, but I’m sorry that I missed out on more time to watch it because it’s so funny, most of the humour comes from Arin and Dan voicing Ivan (the main character) in a thick, Russian accent, and just having him monologue as absolute chaos takes place around him, the ‘Rooples Pooples’ bit especially is hysterically, especially if you’re watching it when you have had no sleep.

9. Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut (56 Episodes)
Another holdover from the original version of this list, and while I’ve enjoyed all of the Sonic games they’ve played on Grumps to date, this one is probably my favourite, firstly because it’s the one I’ve played the most personally but also because Arin, noted Sonic fan was on top form with his critique of this game. Full of glitches, confusing and sometimes repetitive gameplay and of course ‘butt rock’ this is a classic Sonic game, and watching the playthrough is always an experience. A personal highlight from this series is the entire Big the Cat section of the game which is so mind numbing that Arin loses it and it’s hilarious.

10. Sonic and the Black Knight (25 Episodes)
Despite it being a confusing clusterf**k of a story, borrowing from the established fables of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, and yet somehow totally canon, I have a deep soft spot for this game, I mean I never completed it as I have no desire to do that to myself but I finished the playthrough and that’s good enough. I think this series, especially later in the series, it perfect evidence of why Arin is know as ‘Grump’ in the Game Grumps partnership, because after failing multiple times to beat the dragon he became so frustrated that he destroyed a light, punched a cabinet and was unkind to their editor Barry (although he later apologised). As well as that breakdown, a personal highlight of this series was the screaming rant, courtesy of Arin, about the unavoidable chin move.

Honourable mentions go to Trauma Center: Second OpinionThe Munchables and Christmas Adventure: Candy Storm which I also really enjoyed but didn’t quite make the top 10 list.

So that was my Top 10 favourite Game Grumps Extended Playthroughs during the Dan era of the channel and if you want to check them out for yourself and maybe find some favourites of you own then head on over to YouTube and check out the main channel, Game Grumps, their new channel, The Grumps and their misfit channel for random things, Grump Out.

Make sure and follow them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for the latest updates from Game Grumps. Also if you’re in the mood for Game Grumps but have no idea what to watch then use this neat little site, RandomGrump, which you can use to find a completely random episode or series from the backlog of Grumps content.


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