Book Review: You Choose (Falcone and Richards Series) by Phillip Tomasso

You Choose (Falcone and Richards Series) by Phillip Tomasso

You Choose, is Book 1 in the Falcone and Richards thriller series and was written by author, Phillip Tomasso and published by Creativia, an Indie publisher. The book is available on Amazon and you can grab yourself a copy today.

I’ve always enjoyed reading, and I’ve found that for the most part I can turn my interest to any genre, it’s why I feel comfortable writing these reviews, because I feel I can be honest and provide a critical appraisal of a submission without being biased as to whether I am a fan of the genre or not. I still haven’t worked out however whether I’m more or less inclined towards a positive assessment when dealing with a genre that I do really enjoy. To speak plainly, I like crime fiction, it is probably my favourite genre to read, and 9 times out of ten it will be that type of book I read for my own personal enjoyment. So I have a lot of good will built up for the genre, and I don’t want that to influence my reviews, which I aim to always be as unbiased as possible and as honest as possible.

However with a book like this, and an author like Phillip Tomasso it’s easy enough to ignore my own personal preferences and let the book impress me on it’s own merits, and I have to say it really did that. For a start, I grew up on shows like Columbo which flipped the crime procedural on it’s head and gave us a whydunnit instead of a whodunnit, so I really appreciate a narrative like this one which instead of leading us towards the culprit we find out why they committed the crime in the first place. It allows us an insight into their mind that you don’t always get if we are focused, much like the detectives on who did it.

I think the best plot and the best writing in the world can’t save a story if you can’t connect with the characters (with the obvious exception of stories in which the characters themselves aren’t important) and Tomasso is mindful of this as he creates characters that you can connect with and who are grounded in a sense of reality. I have to add, that this was my first exposure to his work but I’m really eager to read more from him, to see how far he’s evolved and to see where he goes from here as a writer. I think what I liked most is that you don’t immediately like the main detective characters, but you grow to like them, and even get the feeling that the reason you might perceive them to be a bit cold to begin with is that they’ve seen everything and done everything and that is perhaps the most realistic part of it. Cops aren’t always likable, they aren’t always superheroes, instead they are people with a job to do.

Unlike let’s say science fiction or fantasy, it’s not as easy to do action well in a crime fiction story, it all comes down to structure, pacing and lastly characterisation. Tomasso manages these exceptionally well, not only executing the more action packed scenes with great skill but also providing narrative that is both deeply engaging and easy to picture when reading.

So in conclusion this is a thoroughly good read and I’m excited to for more from this author in the future. And I give it a 4/5.


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