Book Review: Tactile Therapy (Volume 1) by Durell Arrington

Tactile Therapy (Volume 1) by Durell Arrington

Some background information first, the book is called Tactile Therapy (Volume 1) and it was self published through CreateSpace on January 8th 2018, according to Amazon. You can also grab the next installment in the Tactile Therapy series by heading over to Amazon as well. Tactile Therapy (Volume 1) is a really strong piece of science fiction and it was such a discovery for me, I mean even the title doesn’t really hint at the story, but if you give it a chance you won’t regret it. I just blends so many elements into an enjoyable and engaging narrative. I’ve always liked stories of alien and superheroes, and the rich world they’d have to inhabit assuming they existed, and Durell Arrington really paints a picture of this world.

I mean if you evenly mildly enjoy content involving aliens and superpowers then you will enjoy this book. I’ve used science fiction to describe this book, but their are elements of factual and actual technical information which is mixed in, they use the reality to flesh out and legitimise the story, and then where reality doesn’t quite measure up they insert something to shape a rich world and an charming narrative.

Two things this story really has going for it are its characters who are interesting and dynamic, in particular Calvin and Minutia, and an action packed and adventure filled story that makes for an easy to digest and enjoyable read.

I am a fan of world building, where there is a complex universe around the characters and Durell certainly delivers with this book, and I honestly can’t wait to read the next volume because I honestly got so invested in the story and the world, rich in species and detail but without seeming like it was their to pad the story, it’s clearly the result of someone who loves their story and put a lot of effort into shaping the reality in their head onto the page.

So overall I really enjoyed this book, I’m super glad I got the chance to review it and I honestly plan to reread this series, and read any future installments that are released. So yeah make sure and check out Tactile Therapy (Volume 1) today because it more than earns a 4/5.


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