Book Review: Galactic Mandate – A Radical Cause by M.R. Richardson

Galactic Mandate - A Radical Cause by M.R. Richardson

Galactic Mandate – A Radical Cause is a science fiction book written by author M.R. Richardson. This story has a lot going on, powerful factions vying for dominance, clone slaves, space battles and so much more.

So I was sent a copy of this book by the author for review, and first off I want to apologise for the delays in getting this review up but I’m glad the author was patient with me because this book is so worth talking about and I was grateful both for the opportunity to read it and the chance to tell you all why you should as well.

Now Off the Record hasn’t been doing Book Reviews for as long as some of the other areas we focus on but sometimes you get a submission that’s truly impressive. Galactic Mandate – A Radical Cause is one of those submissions, not only does it avoid many of the issues that first time authors have but manages to pay homage to sci-fi classics without seeming like just another carbon copy.

Since I was young I’ve always enjoyed books which feel rich and expansive and you get that with this book, we see the lives and choices of various different characters. I do feel there was no definitive main character, but I don’t think this necessarily hindered the plot, instead you were able to enjoy the various vignettes without feeling or expecting to get back to a main story or a main character. To use an example, when I first read the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini, I wasn’t super impressed by the POV shifts starting from the second book in the series, Eldest. It was mainly because the first book was written from the perspective of the main character and so you’ve already locked the idea of one main character and one central narrative into your head, so when it did change in the second book I kept waiting for it to return to him, in years since as I’ve matured as a reader I’ve come to enjoy those changes but I do still feel that POV shift need to be handled well, and I feel that M.R Richardson does so incredibly well.

Another difficult to manage but well executed aspect of this book, is the action, it’s not all out from the beginning but instead it’s a well paced blend of conflict and machinations that kept me riveted.

Something I didn’t mind but should warn a potential reader about is the adult content, it’s by no means, over the top, but the comparisons to Game of Thrones are apt, their is a lot of violence, as well as cursing and some sexual content. However while I don’t usually seek these out when reading they added to the rich tapestry of the reality we are presented.

A lot of what makes this book so good is the plot, so I can’t go into much more detail without spoiling anything, but I do thoroughly insist that you check it out because the complex interrelations between characters and factions, the sheer volume of it all is impressive and overall I found the series to be quite engaging. With all that in mind I think this book earns a 4/5. You can grab yourself a copy over on Amazon, and while you’re there why not get the next installment by clicking here. Lastly, don’t miss my interview with the author by clicking here


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