Book Review: Ameekial Abomination by S.F. Hill

Ameekial (Abomination) by S.F. Hill

Ameekial: Abomination is a dark fiction fantasy book, and the first part in a series, written and self published by author S.F Hill. You can check it out for yourself on Amazon, and become immersed in the world of meeka and Ashford Farms and an oncoming darkness. Before I get started make sure and check out this Interview I did with the author by clicking here. Anyway now that you’ve hopefully done that and learned a little more about the person behind Ameekial Abomination we can move onto the review itself.

I’m a fairly quick reader, but between work and running this website I don’t have as much time for it as I’d like but I flew through this book, not because it’s brief or uncomplicated but because of the sheer readability of the book coupled with the strong characterisation.

Speaking of which, something I look for above everything else in a story is strong characterisation and I really got that particularly from the character of Meeka, so much so that I am genuinely excited for the next part of the series, which I believe is called Ameekial Enlightenment. I can’t wait to find out what happens with her,for answers the questions that are left unanswered and hopeful just a satisfactory conclusion to a robust and appealing story.

On top of the characterisation, the story flows well and it doesn’t rush towards the conclusion but leads you there at an organic pace, and does so in a way that’s both honest and follows a pattern that makes sense without being too obvious. I can’t overstate how easily I got caught up in this story and would recommend that if you’re looking for a story that you can read quickly but will stick with you for a long time then I’d say check out Ameekial: Abomination.

Something I usually don’t talk about in a review is the artwork, but I was impressed with the cover which would certainly have attracted me had I seen it in a bookstore and I also enjoyed the little pieces of artwork interspersed throughout the book. So with all that in mind I think this book more than earns a 4/5.


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