Humble Bundle is a Bundle of Fun!

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Christmas is right around the corner, and we all want to get that one last little gift for our friends and family, and ourselves of course. We can’t always afford to do that however, or justify it at least but with services like Humble Bundle it’s that little bit easier to get great items at an affordable price, And you can feel good about it too because every single sale on the Humble Bundle store, they share a portion of it with a charity. And even better still, each month they focus all of the profits on a different charity so they can make a large contribution each month, rather than lots of smaller ones.

I did a similar article on Loot Crate ™ and I made sure to mention issues people have with the service to make sure you are full informed before potentially using it and I’ll do the same now for Humble Bundle. I should also add that Off the Record is in no way sponsored by Humble Bundle we just recognise the merits of the company and feel that especially at Christmas they might be worth checking out. Anyway a few of the more common complaints are spamming via email from the Humble Bundle team, regardless of whether or not you unsubscribe. I do have to defend them slightly on this point, with millions of customers, things can slip past the system so you can’t really fault them for trying to keep you informed of deals and offers, but I do agree that it can be infuriating when it happens. Another issue I’ve seen other customers have is that they feel the customer service/support isn’t exactly stellar, now I’ve never had an issue, or any need to contact the Humble Bundle support myself, so I can’t say from personal experience that they are good or not, but I found enough people complaining about the issue online to feel the need to mention that it’s a possibility should you need to deal with them directly that it might not go well. Another issue comes down to quality of the games and items on offer in the Humble Bundles, now I feel this complaint is both a fair observation and also a little bit of biting the hand that feeds you, basically we expect ideal service at the lowest price, and sure I can understand this mentality but when you are paying roughly £9 and are receiving a bundle of items worth between £100-£200 even if you don’t like everything you are getting you are still coming out ahead.

I have noticed that except when the Bundle is themed or where all of the titles on offer are from a specific Publisher, you can expect the bundle to include games with a wide scope, so that there’s something for everyone and this isn’t a bad thing. Sure some months you may come away with little of interest to you but most bundles will include at least something you will like, including the chance for big name games and AAA titles. So if you look at your Humble Bundle as a chance to try something new and maybe find a hidden gem, as well as get a lot for very little then you’ll definitely get something from a humble Bundle.

As well as the monthly subscription offer for roughly £9 their are also usually multiple humble bundle offers on the site, which are priced in tiers, so you can get a base package for as little as £1 and it includes some decent games, and then if you buy the next tier up for about £6 you can get another bundle of games, including everything in the base tier and it just goes up like that, you can usually get the entire bundle, including all the tiers for approximately £15-20. This month I plan to get the Sonic Bundle, which includes a nice mixture of classic and newer Sonic games, and is well worth it for the entire collection.

So check out Humble Bundle today and maybe get yourself something for Christmas, and the best thing is that you can pay month per month, or get a monthly subscription (which comes with it’s own benefits) but rest assured whether you want a one off purchase or want to keep getting games every single month, Humble Bundle can and will provide.


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