Facebook me a Greggs!

Greggs Gift Bot (Facebook Messenger)

I like food, I like technology and I love anything which will minimise contact with people because of my crippling social anxiety, but if you read my article about the Wetherspoons ‘Order and Pay’ App then you already knew all that.

So with that in mind I am super excited that Greggs, the largest bakery chain in the UK, is now utilising the powerful tool of social media so that you can now pay for a Greggs online and then gift it to someone else via Facebook Messenger. Now when I think of Christmas, which this new feature was launched near, I don’t necessarily think of Greggs, but I do feel that It could be a quick and easy gift for people, particularly for people on the go, that need to be reminded to eat.

To make use of the new feature you need to have or download the Facebook Messenger App (Iphone and Android) and then just search for ‘GreggsGiftingBot’ via the search box, and once you’ve opened it just select ‘Gift a Greggs’ and pick the item you wish you gift (the selection ranges from Any hot drink available on the menu, sausage rolls, any of their bakes, including their festive bake and also sweet items including biscuits, cookies and doughnuts) and then pay for that item. After you’ve done that you’ll be sent a voucher code for the item, which can then be forwarded onto the person you wish to gift the Greggs, and they can redeem the voucher in-store.

So enjoy this new feature, and hopefully you’re friends will wake up on Christmas morning to a voucher for a tasty Greggs.


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