A Little about Loot Crate ™

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By this point most people will be aware of Loot Crate ™ but it’s nearly Christmas and we at Off the Record want to try and help you make a purchase you can feel confident about. For those of you unaware of what Loot Crate ™ is, it’s a monthly subscription box service which for a reasonable fee will send you a box packed with geek and gaming related merchandise right to your door.

Now I am in no way sponsored by Loot Crate ™ and I don’t want to mislead my readers so I do have to say that there are issues with Loot Crate ™, first off even taking a quick look online, one of the biggest complaints is that their deliveries can be late, now this is less an issue with Loot Crate ™ and more to do with the delivery service they hire, but a lot of the complaints I found online suggest that their was also a lack of communication from Loot Crate ™ which didn’t help the situation. We don’t like hearsay at Off the Record so that’s all I say in regards to that, because I’m sure there are people who would still have complaints even if their products arrived on time, in perfect condition and they’d been kept up to date throughout the entire process.

Another Issue is that Loot Crate is essential a Blind Box of aggregated Geek content, now I don’t personally think this is an issue, if you have the money to pay for the box, then each month you get a surprise delivered right to you, and while criticisms can be made as to the potential quality of the products, you can almost be guaranteed that each month you will find one item in the box that’s worth it, and I fully believe that the collective value of the items i worth the overall price. And worst comes to worst you could probably re-sell the items online.

But yeah, I kinda touched on the best and worst aspect of the Loot Crate ™ that it’s a mystery, but you stand you get a whole lot of stuff at an affordable cost. For £24.00 per month here in the UK you can have a Loot Crate ™ of your very own, and if you don’t like what you get you don’t need to be locked into a monthly plan, you can just buy it month per month, or just as a one off. In fact that’s what I prefer to do, firstly because it allows you flexibility if for example this month you can’t afford it, and also if you just see a specific themed box you want, then you can get it without all the hassle of being locked into anything. Another nice feature is that you can select your shirt size when ordering, so no problems with ordering a Loot Crate ™ getting a shirt you love only for it to be too big or too small.

Because of how crazy Christmas is for ordering and delivering things I can’t promise if you order now you’ll get anything to open on Christmas but if you do order now you can use the code ‘GEEKMAS2018’ to get 35% off on selected crates. So if you haven’t already then why not check out Loot Crate ™ this Christmas.


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