Single Review: Voice of Aiko – Prescription Dream

Voice of Aiko - Prescription Dream Artwork

Voice of Aiko are creative collective, who according to their site “Give the silenced a voice” and are “Opening minds and hearts through the power of beautiful art” both of which are laudable goals and they certainly manage that with this track, I will add that this was my first exposure to the group but I was impressed by them and I am eager to see more from them. This track specifically deals with the prescription drug epidemic, and in partnership with the charities REST, MIND & APRIL, voice of Aiko plan to use ‘Prescription Dream’ to raise awareness of the issue.

‘Prescription Dream’ has a nice build to it, the melody is a little quirky and a little surreal, which makes sense considering the subject matter, I hesitate to say it’s a little trippy but, the description really does fit. In fact the entire track reinforces this kaleidoscopic dreamy vibe, and it works really well. Because the track manages to be thoroughly enjoyable and memorable but also it makes a powerful impact with it’s overall message and that’s not something that every piece of music can do.

So that’s what I thought of Voice of Aiko’s track ‘Prescription Dream’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to YouTube. And support the group by following then on Facebook and Twitter.


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