Interview with Laura Vaughn (The Creators’ Tribe)

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First off, tell me about yourself?
I am a computer engineer, recently turned digital nomad. I am passionate about healthy living, books, and most of all I love exploring new cultures and meeting people from all over the world.

And tell me about the Creators Tribe, what services do you offer if any?
The Creators’ Tribe is a blog where I write about my favourite topics, like travel, healthy lifestyle, workouts and more. I recently started a series for and about digital nomads, which I hope will result in an e-book. Finally, my series “Creative Business Diaries” is meant to help bloggers, vloggers, and all creative small business owners to showcase what they do, get more exposure and maybe even find new clients. It is completely free and it’s something I always wanted to do, hence the name “The Creators’ Tribe”. I wanted to create a place for creative people to talk about themselves and what they do, and maybe even form a small community in the end.

Which did you make your page/business?
I started my blog about a year ago. Halfway through I had to take a break because of some health issues, so the website isn’t quite where I wanted it to be. But it is definitely moving in the right direction, at a slower pace, but I’m getting there.

How do you make it stand out?
I try to be as honest and raw as I can. Even in the “tips” posts, I still like to make them personal. If I’ve never experienced something, I will not write about it. From there, I share as much as I can on social media and trust that whoever needs to read what I’ve written will find my site.

Do you have an active audience on your site and if so how do you maintain it?
I have a small active audience. There are some fellow bloggers that I’ve met on social media and we all support each other. There are also some friends either from “real life” and from the internet, that I’ve met in groups, who support what I do and have subscribed to my blog. I maintain it by posting regularly and trying to interact as much as I can with them, return comments, and more. Unfortunately, I don’t interact quite as often as I’d like, but in the periods when I can be extremely active, I get the most active audience, the most comments, etc.

What inspires you?
My greatest inspiration is nature, with travel coming as close second.

If you could give advice to anyone wanting to start their own site what would it be?
Just do it. Don’t expect to have huge numbers and thousands of subscribers during the first month. And most importantly, especially with blogging, don’t start it with only the idea of making a lot of money out of it. Sure, having a clear goal for monetization is great, but if that is your only motivation for starting a blog, you will soon fail.

Something a little bit different, which famous person would you have dinner with, living or dead?
Oh wow, this is a good question. I would say Oprah.

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