Interview with Laura and Niahla (NinetyFour Magazine)

NinetyFour Magazine Logo

First off, tell me about yourself?
Laura – I am a graduate of UWS, I studied Digital Art & Design and I am currently working in London as a Graphic Designer for two big fashion house while balancing my side hustle… and social life haha!
Niahla – I am in my 4th year of a BA (hons) Social Science degree, specialising in Psychology at GCU. I also study acting, and I have a HND in Music Business. Jack of all trades, master of none as some say!

And tell me about the rest of your team?
We are currently a team of two but we do work with a number of talented freelancers within different creative disciplines, which has been amazing!  We can hopefully expand our team on a more permanent basis soon! We would love to offer internships in the future for students to give them some real hands on industry experience.

How many contributors are there at the moment, and are you looking to expand that number? If so how do you apply?
Oh! I don’t know an exact number, but we speak with new contributors every week! Sometimes we reach out and sometimes people reach out to us. We are always looking for new talents to get involved!

Tell me about NinetyFour Magazine? And what is it exactly you do?
NinetyFour Magazine is an online and creative magazine and soon to be creative hub! We started the idea over the mutual frustration of how it is so difficult to break into the creative industry and how there isn’t actually many people or organisations out there that want to give a graduate or young artist a hand! We explore topics that are relevant, without gossip acting as the catalyst. We showcase talented artists and creators work and we also offer creative services… with a lot more things to come!

If you have/had one what is your company mission statement?
We want to give creatives a platform where they can showcase their talent and find opportunities to kick start or develop their career… as well as providing interesting content!

Why did you start the magazine, and how long has it been active?
We started it due to the frustration of lack of opportunities in the creative industry, it seems unless you know someone it can be very difficult to get noticed. We also wanted the magazine to be a true representation of real people and their work, realising we could break boundaries was a game changer. We have been running for a year now!

What has been your proudest moment and/or biggest accomplishment so far?
I think organising and directing a photo-shoot with singer/songwriter Jerry Williams has been a HUGE highlight for us! Also working with our first ever cover star, the talented artist Jack Coulter. The guy is going to be an icon!

How do you make your magazine stand out?
We include real talent and stories from real people. No airbrushing, no Photoshop. We hope that this allows people to relate to it and we hope it inspires them to stop doubting themselves and turn their dreams into goals.

Do you have an active audience on your site and if so how do you maintain it?
Yeah we have an active audience and we are continuing to grow! We make sure we keep up to date on social media and we are continuously networking! Now that we’ve finished creating issue 2, our biggest focus is growing our online presence so hopefully you will be hearing a lot more from us online!

If you could give advice to anyone wanting to start their own magazine what would it be?
Think of a good name, something that’s personal to you. We named our magazine NinetyFour because we are both born in the year 1994. But yeah… Just start, starting is the hardest part! You have nothing to lose and you’ll meet some amazing people!

Lastly feel free to share your social media etc so people can follow you?
You can check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


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