Single Review: Ishani Chakravarty – Stormy Emotion

Ishani Chakravarty single 'Stormy Emotion' Artwork

Ishani Chakravarty is a singer-songwriter, originally from Bangalore but now based in London, who produces powerful and soulful indie music. I’ve previously reviewed her music and you can check that out here. Today though I’ll be reviewing her new Track ‘Stormy Emotion’.

‘Stormy Emotion’ is Ishani’s latest track, and having reviewed a previous release of hers I was somewhat prepared for it, but nothing can truly prepare you for a track like this, it starts with this crisp electronic beat, it all his like very dark, heavy energy about it, but you get swept away by it, and then Ishani starts singing at it kicks up the song to a whole other level, it’s not just that she has a tremendous voice but the counterpoint and the interactions between her voice and the backing music is just perfect, it’s silent when it needs to be and kicks in at the perfect moments to give her voice that extra punch. This is undeniably a slower track but it has this energy about it, some slow tracks leave you kind of swaying but this one almost injects you with the same intensity that Ishani sings with and you find yourself, desperate to move, to do something, just to grab a hold of that feeling, and I truly believe if a song can evoke such a strong reaction it’s worth listening to, don’t you?

So that’s what I thought of Ishani’s latest track ‘Stormy Emotion’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to Spotify. And don’t forget to follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


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