Single Review: Fell Sons – Little Dove / Hiding in the Lane

Fell Sons Promo Image

Fell Sons are a four piece alternative band from Merseyside made up of Al on Vocals/Guitar, Simon on Keys/Vocals, Dom on Bass and John on Drums. You can click here to check out a review of I Hit Ignition, a solo froject by their frontman Al. Also don’t miss my review of one of their new releases by clicking here. 

‘Little Dove’ opens with some soft, melodic keys, that blend well with a the guitar, then things kick up a notch, and to be honest I can’t decide whether I like them softer or a little faster/harder, but I do love the energy and I found this track got stuck in my head for a few weeks after I first heard it. I would very much like to hear this song live to see how it captures the audience because the energy is offbeat enough where I’m not sure if I should bob along, or really get moving with it. But all in all, a very strong track from the Fell Sons.

‘Hiding In The Lane’ is different from the previous submission but they both work well together when listened to back to back, which I think shows an impressive understanding of their sound as a band, and also how much range that still allows them to work within it. ‘Hiding in the Lane’ is another track that straddles the line in terms of its energy, it’s like it’s always close to going up in speed and tempo but it always holds back, and just keeps to this same consistent energy, which makes it easy to follow and easy to just kind of get lost in.

So that’s what I thought of Little Dove/Hiding in the Lane by Fell Sons and you can check that out on Bandcamp. And support the band by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

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