Single Review: Daniel Shaw – Don’t Leave Me Now

Daniel Shaw single 'Don't Leave Me Now' Artwork

Daniel Shaw is a 20 year old Australian musician, based in Melbourne. He makes soft pop music and today I’ll be reviewing his latest track ‘Don’t Leave Me Now’.

‘Don’t Leave Me Now’ is my first exposure to this Aussie musician but I can firmly say right now that it won’t be my last, it kicks off with some light keys, fresh and engaging, that back up his powerful and melodic voice perfectly. This is one of those tracks that you just know you’re going to listen to again, like the first time I heard The Writing on the Wall by Sam Smith and knew I was going to listen to it till I ruined the song for myself, but my bad music habits aside, this just has everything you look for in a track, a nice consistent flow and energy that just kinda carries you through it, and not only is it catchy in that way that a lot of pop songs are but it’s memorable, not both mean I’m gonna have this song stuck in my head for weeks but only the latter means I’ll be thinking about the emotion, the feeling behind the track and how it makes me feel for the foreseeable future. So if you want a tight, emotional track that grabs you and doesn’t let go then check out ‘Don’t Leave Me Now’.

So that’s what I thought of Daniel Shaw’s single ‘Don’t Leave Me Now’ which you can check out on Spotify. You can find him over on Twitter

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