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First off, tell me about yourselves?
My Name is Ross Manson I am in my early 30’s and I have lived in Kilmarnock for 5 years and Andy Kerr is the singer in The Cairds and a Killie supporter who has live in Kilmarnock all his life.

Now tell me about KillieCast, and what are your aims with the podcast?
KillieCast is a weekly Podcast hosted by myself (Ross) and Andy Kerr. The aim for KillieCast is to be the one place that you can find out about all the good things that are going on in and around Kilmarnock. It is a podcast that is released every Thursday and last about 40 min. It is split into 3 sections.

1: All the good stuff that has been going on around the town.

2: good things that are coming up around the town.

3: a group, person or organisation that are making Kilmarnock a better place to be!

Do you have any funny or interesting stories from doing the Podcast?
After we record we always sit down to have dinner together. If we have a guest on the show we invite then to have dinner as well. We want it to feel like a social thing to be involved in. Also Andy’s impersonation of Ringo Starr is second to none and has made it on to the podcast once so fun but there is definitely more to come!

How many episodes have you actually done?
We have done 32 episodes so far they are split between flagship episodes where we do as we explained and interviews with people doing good things I was getting about 40 min of tape and only had 10-15 min space on the flagship I did not want people not to hear all they had to say.

How much of a recording makes it into the final product?
Most of what we record makes it into the final episode. To start with, this was not the case it would take about 1hr 30min to record and about 2hrs to edit but since Andy and I have got to know each other better it now flows really well.

How do you feel it’s been received so far?
I think it has gone down well, We have had 10 five star reviews on iTunes as well as some great feedback on Twitter and Facebook. We also have loads of people and groups that want to be involved. Right from the outset we have said that we welcome all feedback and we have been luck that it has always been positive!

How do you go about sourcing stories and interviews for the Podcast?
We have followed a wide range of people on twitter and Facebook and get a lot of events on there we also welcome people getting in touch with us to tell us what they are doing or what has been happening. We also have got some great contacts in the council and pubs and shops to try and keep on top of everything that is going on!

Is this a full time thing for you guys or do you do it on top of other things?
It is really on top of other things. I have never met a person that can do so many good things and work as hard in as little time as Andy.

What has been your favourite episode so far?
I liked the K-fest flagship show. There was loads going on to talk about and it was the first time that we had a guest on! It was great to feel a bit of a buzz about the town for K-Fest and about the episode.

You did a Halloween episode, will you be doing one for Christmas and all the big holidays?
No I don’t think so, as we all know Kilmarnock “Does” Halloween there was so much going on and we knew it was going to be big. I really hope the town capitalises on the good stuff that is going on and really make it massive a destination for people to come to if they want a good Halloween weekend! We will do more specials if something big is coming up in the town!

A little insider questions for people looking to make their own show, how did you fund it and do you have any tips?
We did get a small amount of funding from the great people at Celebrate Kilmarnock to help fund some equipment and a podcast host. If people are wanting to do a podcast then just go for it you can record on your phone and edit with free software on the computer very easily the more you do it the easier and better it becomes. If people want to do good stuff in around the town have a chat with Celebrate Kilmarnock and they will point you in the right direction!

Lastly feel free to share links to your social media etc so people can follow you?

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