Interview with Martin Low (Discovery Music)

Discovery Music Logo

Okay so first off, tell me about yourself?
I work full time in an office and lab for a medical devices company. In my spare time/ all my time I’m not working I am either attending gigs or running Discovery Music.

What made you want to start your own company/business?
I wouldn’t call Discovery Music a business or company yet.

Now tell me about Discovery Music, and what if you have one is your company mission statement?
Discovery Music is my hobby that has turned into a full time unpaid job! I love it though, there’s nothing more satisfying for me to see a band or artist share work that we have produced. For me I am all about the music and helping people grow as an artist. There is nothing better than watching an artist start out and go from strength to strength.

How many members of the team are there at the moment, and are you looking to expand that number?
I have a management team that help me with the running of it-Hollie, Jo and Marc. Then we have a team of about a dozen writers. We are always on the lookout for new writers to join us.

How do you make yourself/the company stand out?
I’d like to think our yellow and black colour stands out! We try hard to at have an article posted everyday. We also try to support our local music scenes by attending gigs/ events and providing reviews and social media content from them.

Do you have any interesting and/or funny stories you’d like to share?
Sorry not got any funny stories (yet!)

What services do you currently offer, how have they been received and are you planning on adding anything to that in the future?
We do gig reviews and previews, single, EP and album reviews. We also do question and answer sessions too.

Lastly feel free to share your social media etc so people can follow you?
You can check us out on our website, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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