Author Interview: Morgan Lionheart

Interview with Morgan Lionheart

Okay, so, I thought long and hard about how to answer these questions, I even tried a few different ways, but I want the same honesty that comes out in my writing to come out here, and answering each question one at a time, just wasn’t it, it’s not my style so, how can it be honest?

I’m 26 years old, I’ve been writing off and on since I was about 12 years old. I guess you could say TV has always been my muse, back when TV was good. (In my opinion) (late 90’s early 2000’s.) Because TV was my muse, I mostly wrote fanfiction. Although, back in elementary school I did write a short story about the origin of cats and bats. (Dragons and something called a Karaphin, if I remember right.) it was a bit bold for my age, especially since the Karaphin got its tentacles burned off.. (Yea… I can’t remember how that came about, the tentacles were replaced with legs and the dragons fire was extinguished… I was like 8..)

Sadly, for a long time, that was the only story I ever finished. All the rest are still sitting in an old laptop somewhere. (If I didn’t wipe it.)

In my early teens though, I was a Stargate fan, I saw the movie, all of SG1 and the movies after, but I still had questions. I decided I wanted them answered, so, I wrote a script. It was a movie script, I even learned stage direction. (I had a dream of sending it in and seeing if they wanted to do anything with it. I never did though.) Not that I was’’t proud of it, in fact I thought it was a big accomplishment. But I was lazy about finding out where to send it.

After that, I stopped writing, for a long while. It wasn’t until high school that I really actually picked it up again. I needed an elective and creative writing seemed fun and easy. (It wasn’t) still, I got good marks and the teacher even said I was talented. But, my real muse still wasn’t found.

A year or so later, my cousin got me to watch an anime with him. He had been badgering me for soooooooooo long I decided to indulge. (It was fairytale or Bleach… I watched both with him so I can’t remember which was first.)  nevertheless, I was hooked! Still, it wasn’t my true muse. Though I think I saw a bit more in it than most. (Over the years both titles have been called overrated) but it wasn’t as much the story that hooked me but, the emotion behind it. Determination, Will, a sense and even drive toward Justice.

As I matured though, I wanted more, I wanted a story.  When I was about 18 I was surfing an anime site and I came upon “Toradora” At first glance, it was a strange name and your typical school romance. But when I got into it, I realized, it wasn’t… Finally there were story elements!

As you may or may not be aware, anime has character types. One of the most common is the Tsundre. (Irrational, mean, often violent, but still wanting to be loved.) (You can look up a better description online)

Anyway, one of the main characters Taiga is that way, but it doesn’t simply say “I am just because, deal with it.” Toradora does things in a way that truly explains her. Some of the topics get a bit heavy.


-feelings of abandonment


But those things are very real, and I feel it showed them in a very mature way.

After that, my real search began, I knew they were out there, I just had to find them. And I did. “Kanon” this to me, was a wonderful story, it was beautifully done. (Look it up) This story really delved in. And what it did, was expose all the nastiness in the world. Like an open wound…






-feelings of abandonment


-pain of losing a loved one



But it didn’t stop there, it also exposed the good the world has to offer if you look.



-hard work


-Miracles big and small

After that I discovered a few more from the same company. It made me begin to wonder, how could I give to those what I was given.

Hence, Clandestine was born. I wanted to combine entertainment and life.

Most of the time, my writing consists of me listening to music and writing. The type of music depends on my mood.

At first, I wasn’t going to publish, but the more I wrote, the more I exposed, the more I felt there was someone who was supposed to read my work. Someone it would help.

I went to Wattpad first, tried to get my stories out there. I had a few loyal following. But, I wanted to try and expand further.

Finally, after  talking to another author friend of mine, I decided to publish. I went back and forth about how to do it, I looked into company after company and even got accepted by Page Publishing.

In the end, I decided that the smarter way to go was self-publishing. After more talking, I was directed to Kindle Direct. That’s where it began, a while later my editor brought up I was able to get things out further and even distribute. Places like Barnes and Noble and even Apple.

Finally, I got four books out of my series out, which you can purchase here, here, here and here. And in December, I plan to release a physical copy called ‘Clandestine Progressive Arc 1‘ where I combine all 4 of the first story arc together.

Sure I deal with writer’s block, all authors do I think, when that happens, I just walk away for a bit and come back.

Lastly, is there anything I would change? Honestly no, yes, getting the word out is hard, but this is the way that’s right for me. I’ve been told that my books are simple. But that was the idea from the start. Think of classics. “The Chronicles of Narnia” “A Wrinkle in Time” “Because of Wi-Dixie” they were simple but complex, they entertained the young and the young at heart. And they touched the hearts of the ones who are open and ‘ready, that’s what I want Clandestine to be.


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