Album Review: I Hit Ignition – Two

I Hit Ignition Promo Image

I hit Ignition is a solo project from Al Sy, the frontman for the Fell Sons, who I’ve previously reviewed, and you can check that out here. He told me that the reason for making I hit Ignition was because he wanted to write music in a different way, and he felt that a solo project would allow him to create something unique and personal. Today I’ll be review his new three track Album ‘Two’.

‘Vanilla’ opens with a building electronic pulsing, and a spoken word intro, that’s funny, unusual and backed up by some powerful, energetic noise. I especially liked when the percussion kicked in fully, and you just kind of get swept away in this music that for some reason made me thinking of the club scene in the first Blade movie, but timely references from the 1998 Wesley Snipes movie aside, what I mean is I get a kind of trance vibe from this track, as well as a craving for Ice Cream. Check out this track because it’s bloody excellent, and for my first exposure to the artist I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for him now.

‘Sadness Eats His Heart’ is very different up front from the previous track, although both do use a building note and/or theme to ease us in, this one starts with percussion earlier, and much lighter too, and to be honest this song makes me thing mystery and suspense, like a montage scene in a wacky detective movie like The Pink Panther. And I’m sorry for dropping my second movie reference/comparison in this review, but yeah that’s the kind of vibe I was getting in the early parts of this track, less so as the music slowly gets eclipsed by the percussion, but throughout it was a strong instrumental entry on this album.

‘Curse Purge Plus (LIVE)’ opens with some nice horns and a nice little sound bite  that captures another very esoteric little diatribe, I like this band’s style it’s not weird for weirdness sake but it does like to do whatever the hell it wants, and I really appreciate that, I used to do that when I made short films, it was about capturing a specific vibe and I feel they do this tremendously well. I do feel a disconnect from the intro and the rest of the track but they both work really well and you just kind of get caught up in the pulsing, electronic beat until the track closes out.

So that’s what I thought of Two by I Hit Ignition and if you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to their Bandcamp. And make sure to support the band by following them on Facebook.

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