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First off, tell me about yourself?
I am a Muslim, a Pakistani, and then I am Akasious. It’s my pen name. My real name is not public because my readers know me as Akasious. I am a twenty one years old girl. I am pursuing pharm-D and I am now in fourth professional year so I am a pharmacist-to-be, and an author. Writing is my passion and unlike many others who kill their passion somewhere inside them just because of limited resources and society I chose what I like despite having hurdles I no longer compromise on things I want to do. My writing cause is ‘humanity’.

What made you want to be a writer?
Well to be honest I’ve been writing since I was too young to be called a writer. I’ve writing since fourth grade. I used to write poems and short stories and at that time I never knew I was going to write a book in future. My father had a secret desire he opened up once that he wants one of his children to be an author. I was a passionate writer already and his wish added to the realisation of my dream.

A writer has different phases in life from a nobody to a writer and from an unknown writer to a published author there is a journey of hurdles that only writers can understand.

I decided to write my first book, “Lone wolf till last breath” when I felt that I could do much more with my life and with the talent that Allah gifted me than what I was actually doing. It was a turning point and I thought to change things that were setting me back from doing better. I chose to demolish the hurdles in my way and yes due to writing all the feelings of self pity and nothingness were replaced by gratitude and love for life. Now I am at a point where I know I can never leave writing.

One of my friends to whom I dedicated my first book played a great role behind it and that I am accomplishing all my dreams one by one. She simply made me fall in love with life.

And what attracted you to writing in your specific genre, and do you stick with that consistently or do you change it up?
Well I wrote my first book in General fiction based on tragedy. My second ongoing book is also general fiction which is a little inspired by reality based on Israel-Palestine conflict I am writing it solely with love for humanity without any of my biased opinions. And yeah I am really very consistent in this regard. I don’t like writing in any other genre. I like general fiction as it is always nearest to the reality.

So tell me about what you’ve written, and has it been published/where can potential fans find your book(s)?
As I mentioned above I have written ‘Lone Wolf Till Last Breath’ my debut novel which got a good response from the respectable readers. I self published it on Amazon and I plan to  publish it as soon as I find publishers who are as dedicated to their work as I am dedicated to mine. I am a student at this stage so I avoid publishing the book because I don’t want my studies to be affected but with in an year or two you will find my name in the bookstores. You can also find my other book ‘The Ashes of Feeling‘ on Amazon as well. 

Yeah fans can find my book in paperback from Amazon and while they can have the e-book from for a very low cost. You can also find a few chapters on wattpad, a pdf file on wordpress and on other sites. I highly recommend people to google ‘Akasious’ you will find out more about me and about my work on various sites. I am also associated voluntarily with two e-mags i.e The Unread Mag and The Meraki Magazine.

If you have had stuff published, how has it been received? And what is your opinion of your work now that it’s out there?
Yeah talking about self publishing which is the first step most authors take these days I have received a response I was not anticipating at all. I mean I do have many readers out there for ‘Lone Wolf’ the figure is not huge yet but it’s a good number of readers to begin with.

Is there anything you’d change or do differently now that it’s published?
No, I have it written in the best possible way. I received a little criticism at the end of that book but I believe criticism is just another step towards irreversible success.

Speaking of publishing, how did you go about getting you book(s) published, and what was your publishing journey like?
I can not share any experience regarding publishing as I got my book self published and as a beginner self publishing is the best thing to go with. However I do have opinion and others experience about publishing also I am trying to have my book published soon so in this regard I can define publishing journey like a hard step you either jump in or consider taking your time. Jumping in is always a better option.

You need to invest and yet expecting nothing exceptional in return is what publishing is like. Sometimes there is a response you are not anticipating at all while other times there is nothing at your end at that time we need to not lose hope because the best is always yet to come. I am not a professional writer to be honest. I write for my passion and until or unless writing is my passion I am never gonna feel feckless whether its about criticism, rejection, readers or publishers.

Now tell me a little about what your writing process is like?
Well the process includes a cycle of assembled thoughts then research on the topic I am willing to write, collecting material, developing scenes and dialogues, writing it all down and then editing, re-editing and final check before publishing a chapter. This process is repeated till the book completes and then I’d look for getting it published.

I ask these questions to myself after writing a chapter:

Is it different?

Is it interesting?

Is it intriguing?

Is it exciting?

Does it teach something new to the readers?

And do you write for any market or demographic in particular?
No, not particularly.

What advice do you have for other writers?
If it’s your passion you will never get hurt and one day the time will be yours but if it’s your profession then ground realities are really harsh there is a long way to go and you need to be strong.

Tell me about some writers you really like and/or admire?
Rhonda Byrne, Paulo Coelho, Khalid Hosseini and Elif Shafak.

How do you deal with writer’s block?
Well I don’t face any writer’s block because writing is my escape from everything I get tired of the world and I take refuge in it but it could happen that I’d get tired of writing and take refuge in something else like in writer’s block. However sometimes I am too much overburdened due to studies and writing that I want to leave writing for a while so that I can come back with my best but again this never happens I always fail to take a long break and if I do then I come back within a day or two.

And lastly feel free to share links to your social media so potential fans can follow you?
Sure, Thank you very much. I enjoyed replying to all your questions. Here are the links, you can find me on My Site, Mirakee, Facebook, Twitter, Lulu, Amazon, Wattpad, Pinterest and Parestan.


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