Book Review: #EmotionalRelease by Anthony L. Burgos

#EmotionalRelease Cover Artwork

#EmotionalRelease is a very personal piece, but there’s plenty to experience which is what encouraged me to say yes to reviewing it. According to Amazon it was published on 1st October 2018, and follows Anthony’s journey after a break up in 2015, he decided to write a series of songs to express his feelings and in a way get some sort of emotional release, as the title suggests.

As I mentioned up top this is a very personal thing but it deals with issues that unless you’re very fortunate you’ll have experienced or will experiences at some point in your life. Sometimes it’s romantic, nostalgic, sometimes it’s raw and angry but it’s never without something to draw from it.

Burgos uses simple words choice to great effect, he manages to say a lot with a little and what he does say is impactful without being overstated. You really manage to feel what he feels and he communicates himself well.

A few personal favourite entries from #EmotionalRelease are ‘In My Feeling’, the titular track ‘Emotional Release’ and ‘War’ which are all powerful pieces that express all the facets of a break up. This isn’t just sadness because while most people are sad when a relationship ends that’s not all we feel, most people go through a cycle of grief much like when someone passes away, you get angry, you plead for them to come back, you feel guilty. Humans are complex creatures and break ups are very rarely simple, these songs that Burgos writes express the multitudes of that, although it would be fair to say with tracks like ‘Fuck You’ that anger is a part of this process for sure with him.

The biggest complaint I had was largely the different fonts used throughout, it’s possible it was to differentiate styles or songs or what have you but when consuming the entire book as a whole it can be a bit distracting and make it harder to enjoy.

Overall I’d say check this out, you might not want to admit it but we can recognise things in his words, anyway I give this a 3/5. You can grab yourself a copy over on Amazon


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