LGBT Lives: Bisexuality Q&A with Anonymous

*The person in question wishes to remain anonymous

Q: So are you/do you consider yourself to be bisexual?
A: Yes I am.

Q: And what does that mean?
A: It means I like both genders.

Q: What’s the difference between bisexuality and pansexuality?
A: Off the top of my head, I’m not sure.

Q: How was the ‘Coming out’ process for you and do you feel it was easier than if you’d come out as gay?
A: It wasn’t very difficult for me. My friends and family were understanding and didn’t treat me any different because of it. And anything bad I ever had said to me about my sexuality, I just brushed off my shoulders. It didn’t bother me at all.

Q: Do you feel there’s a stigma attached to being bisexual?
A: I believe there can be e.g ‘it’s just a phase’ ‘you’re just going it for attention’.

Q: What’s something you want everyone to know about being bisexual?
A: There is absolutely nothing wrong with being bisexual.

Q: What is the worst stereotype or stereotypes about being bisexual?
A: ‘You’re just greedy’.

Q: Do you feel fetishized for your sexuality?
A: I have done on occasion, yeah.

Q: Do you feel less trusted in a relationship than someone who’s either straight or gay?
A: Nah, not at all.

Q: Do you feel equally interested in both genders or is it more fluid than that?
A: I’d say I’m more attracted to men.

Q: Do you feel that you have to have been with both genders to be considered bisexual?
A: Yes and no.

Q: How do you feel about the perception that bisexual people must just be testing the waters or experimenting?
A: It annoys me. Maybe 8/10 If someone says they’re bisexual and comes out, that generally isn’t them ‘experimenting’. They will know in themselves by that point who they are attracting to and not just ‘testing the waters’


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