Game Review: Ib

IB Artwork

Ib (pronounced e-b) is a short horror puzzle game created by Japanese creator kouri in RPG Maker 2000/2003 by in 2012. Like most games made through RPG Maker, Ib was created entirely by kouri and only available to download online (but make sure you download it from a reputable source!) 

What platform is it for? PC 

Where can I get it? RPG Maker 2000/2003 by kouri

How much is it? Free!

Yeah but… is it really free? Yes! It is totally free. Just download the game and run the .exe file.

Ib (the game) revolves around Ib (the 9 year old little girl) as she goes to an art gallery expedition of Guertena’s works with her mother and father. She goes on her own to explore the art works when the lights in the gallery starts to flicker. When Ib looks around everyone in the gallery has disappeared and thus begins the strange unexplained things that happen.

As you go through the game you meet an unconscious Garry, another gallery goer who was trapped in the other gallery and was attacked by “The Lady in Blue”. It is here that you learn that the rose you found earlier is your lives. After you help Garry back to health he joins you in your quest to try and escape the gallery and as you go you meet Mary, a young blonde girl that’s roughly the same age as Ib who joins you in getting out.

The game play is super simple, you walk with your arrow keys and interact through using the enter key and view your inventory using the esc. key. The rose Ib receives when you arrive in the gallery is your health and each time you are hurt your rose wilts and it tells you how many hits you can take. Ib, being a child, has 5 roses while Garry, who’s much older, was 10.  

With good simple gameplay, nice and easy mechanics, a fantastic storyline and the first genuinely scary game I’ve ever played Ib surpasses it’s expectations.

It doesn’t rely on quick reflexes or battles like most other RPGs but you will have to run fast and it’s more than enough to give you a healthy pump of adrenaline when the Lady paintings chase you. The puzzles are difficult and require a bit of backtracking but they’re smart and interesting and mostly logic puzzles. As it is an role playing game, your choices throughout the game have an influence in what ending you receive and I unfortunately made bad choices and I ended up with Ib trapped in the gallery and Garry dead. Because of the way the game presented the characters, I was really angry! I so connected with Ib and Garry that I was genuinely disappointed in myself for letting him die and for not stopping what happened.

I highly recommend Ib, it’s fun, it’s smart it’s engaging and scary and easily accessible to people of all ages.


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